Garden Easy Clamp - Color: Blue - : Set 50 pcs - Size: φ16mm

Color Blue
Size φ16mm
Garden Easy Clamp is used to hold shade cloth, plastic film and netting to the garden stake. It has three stoppers enhancing the cover gradually. It is UV stabilized and hard to crack.
Other Products
Stakes Cross Connector is perfect for DIY frame or fence with stakes. Handy connector can be connected to 2 DAIM garden stakes at free angle.
DIY Ring is covenient to make the round topiary, tower-style cage and obelisk for plant support. The ring has diferrent sizes horseshoe shape on both sides to provide sturdy support. Snap-on design helps DIY Ring to be installed and reinstalled easily as the plants grow. The ring has 4 hooks for net attaching.
Soft ties are convenient for plant stems holding with support stakes with a simple twist. The soft surface does not injury the stem. The ties can cut easily to the length you need. It is the best product for tomato and other climbing plants.
Garden Edging Roll makes a clear edge between the lawn, flower, gravel, tree rings and walkways. 3-5 meters length in one serial piece design prevents weeds from infiltrating in and keeps gravel and mulch contained well. It is easy to install and durable for hammer pound-in. The hinge design is ideal for curves, corner and circle. The length can be adjusted easily by cutting with scissors.

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