DAIM is the name of our brand. DAIM Stands for “Daiichi (The First) Idea Making”, showing our enthusiasm to create the new value in your gardening scene.
The meaning of Daim’s logo

About DAIM Viet Nam

DAIM Viet Nam is the company established by Japanese company called " Daiichi Vinyl" in 2012 in Binh Duong, Viet Nam.

We manufacture garden supplies by the combination of many materials and our unique "Plastic coated steel pipes".

Our mission is to solve the troublesome in your gardening scene and our team is very enthusiastic to come up with helpful idea.

Now, about 30 to 40 new items are born every year to "Ease Your Gardening" under the name of DAIM. 

You can find DAIM's garden supplies in around 4,000 home centers in Japan and many stores in other countries.

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