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Creating a green living space at home not only helps improve health but also brings great relaxation to your family. A small garden on the balcony or a large vegetable garden behind the house also makes the air fresher and cooler.

You can absolutely grow vegetables with unique and delicate green garden supplies from DAIM. We offer green garden supplies in a variety of sizes, to suit all your needs.

In DAIM Vietnam, the famous green garden supplies provider in Japan, we provide the best garden supplies items for every garden.

It is easier to find out all the necessary green garden supplies and accessories on the website of DAIM Vietnam. We provide the best green garden supplies and accessories for your garden such as row covers, garden clamp, watermelon cradles, flower arch, flower trellis, flower supports items, rose supports items... which are designed with the most optimal size and weight for your garden activities.

To be proud of high functionality and versatility, DAIM's green garden supplies and accessories are perfect for all your garden requirements. Let choose our best items to take care for your garden.



Basic planting tools at home

Where to buy garden supplies?

List of necessary vegetable gardening supplies for your green home garden

DIY Ring

DIY Ring is convenient garden supplies for plant support. 
45,000 VND

Garden Edging Roll

Garden Edging Roll is perfect garden supplies to makes a clear edge for your garden.

140,000 VND

Stakes Cross Connector

Stakes Cross Connectors are green garden supplies with various sizes
23,000 VND

Stem Support Clip

Stem Support Clip will give maximum support , help the plant to grow well
90,000 VND

Crossband connector

Crossband connectors are green garden supplies manufacturing by DAIM Vietnam
50,000 VND

Garden Easy Clamp

Garden Easy Clamp is best garden supplies to hold shade cloth, plastic film and netting to the garden stake.
75,000 VND

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“UELU Skypot” vertical bottom water supply round pot. “UELU” in Japanese means to plant a tree. UELU Skypot with delicate design, helping to create the desired space for your house/garden.
385,000 VND
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DAIM Garden Stake is lightweight, long-lasting and easy using for support plants and structures. The node and rugged spurs design on the stake make plants to attach easily. Rustproof with water tight closures on both ends' caps. Tipped end is easy to insert into soil. Several sizes for choosing: φ8 and φ11mm stakes are suitable for small flowers and vegetables support; φ16mm stakes are suitable for tomato and climbing plants; φ20mm stakes are suitable for making strong frame and greenhouse. And the length of the stakes can be customized from 750mm to 2400mm.
45,000 VND
DIY Ring is convenient garden supplies for plant support. 
45,000 VND
Tunnel Stakes are convenient for making hoops and garden tunnel. Cover with net, fabric or plastic film is ideal for birds, insects and cold weather protection. The tunnel stakes can be stacked away neatly off-season. 
58,000 VND
Square Planter – Double with virgin plastic material suitable for modern style home, balcony, garden
600,000 VND
Square Planter – Single can be assembled as long - wide - high as you like depending on the needs of each type of tree.
455,000 VND
Pyramid Topiary Trellis is perfect for climbing flowers. 4 sturdy support stakes are very strong for flowers and plants to climb. It is easy to install in round planter and in-ground gardening.
110,000 VND
Round Obelisk includes 2 archs, 3 support rings and Fleur-de-lis finish. It is easy to make a sturdy obelisk for flowering vines like rose, clematis and morning glory. It has 3 sizes and black or white color for choosing. We recommend to anchor 20cm below the ground or in raised bed.
170,000 VND
Fan trellis is one of ideal flower supports for supporting climbing plants and flowers, give enough space for plants to expand. The black finish decoration adds the classic element for your garden. The fan shape is work well with raised beds. It can be quickly assembled and can save space for off season storage.
105,000 VND
The understated design and impressive durability Flower Arch is perfect for showing off your climbing flowers, including rose, clematis and other flowering vines. 20mm PE coating octagonal steel pipe provide frame strong enough for large plants. Easy assembly, it is recommend to embed 20cm deep in ground.
633,000 VND
The Flower Arch width and height can expand 30cm with expandables kit.
80,000 VND
Our Rose Trellis is the perfect rose support item for your garden.
246,000 VND
Multi Functional Trellis - flower supports has the functions of both tower and panel trellis. The support belt has an interlock connector which can make a circle and connect 2 sets of trellis together. It is ideal for using raised bed for flowering vines like clematis, morning glory and climbing roses. It can set up quickly and put away easily while not it use.
105,000 VND
The A Frame kit is perfect for cucumber, bean, pea and climbing plants. With the A-Frame support clips, it can be set up quickly and easily fold for seasonal storage. The inner space increase air circulation to minimize disease problems and make harvest more easily.
448,000 VND
The Plant Support Stakes Kit has durable frame provide sturdy support for flowers and vegetables. The adjustable crosspieces provide a customizable plants grow. The plastic coating steel stakes are tough enough. It save space and easy storage during off season.
99,000 VND
The flower trellis and flower supports will help a lot in the work of planting flowers, planting truss, avoiding the tree to be crooked and unsightly, and at the same time shaping and developing well.
132,000 VND

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