Fan Trellis - Color: Black - Size: H90cm

Color Black
Size H90cm
Fan trellis is ideal for supporting climbing plants and flowers, give enough space for plants to expand. The black finish decoration adds the classic element for your garden. The fan shape is work well with raised beds. It can be quickly assembled and can save space for off season storage. 
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Flower trellis is convenient to use for climbing flowers. It is ideal for raised bed to support plants off the ground to maximize the garden space. Three sizes are available: Single panel, Triple Panel and Triple Panel Long. The triple panel can be installed as a triangular tower, a zig-zag or a straight trellis support. Trellis can connect each with the clips easily.
Easy Trellis is perfect for climbing vegetables and flowering vines. It can make trellis, tower and principal rafter simply. The package is small for off-season storage.
Knock-down Round Obelisk with the small package is a perfect product for your garden. It can be installed easily. The classic style with Fleur-de-lis finish is ideal for supporting any flowering vines like rose, clematis and morning glory. We recommend to anchor 20cm below the ground or in raised bed.
Round Obelisk includes 2 archs, 3 support rings and Fleur-de-lis finish. It is easy to make a sturdy obelisk for flowering vines like rose, clematis and morning glory. It has 3 sizes and black or white color for choosing. We recommend to anchor 20cm below the ground or in raised bed.
The Flower Arch width and height can expand 30cm with expandables kit.
Multi Functional Trellis has the functions of both tower and panel trellis. The support belt has an interlock connector which can make a circle and connect 2 sets of trellis together. It is ideal for using raised bed for flowering vines like clematis, morning glory and climbing roses. It can set up quickly and put away easily while not it use.
Pyramid Topiary Trellis is perfect for climbing flowers. 4 sturdy support stakes are very strong for flowers and plants to climb. It is easy to install in round planter and in-ground gardening.
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