Transformable Trellis - Size: 120cm

Flower supports - Transformable trellis easily make tower or fencing shape

Transformable trellis easily make tower or fencing shape to support plants off the ground and away from pests. Support arms make large grid openings for easy harvesting, and zig-zag shape is easy for plants climbing. It is easy off-season storage.

Material: Plastic coated steel pipe, Polyethylene, POM

Color: Dark Green

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The flower trellis and flower supports will help a lot in the work of planting flowers, planting truss, avoiding the tree to be crooked and unsightly, and at the same time shaping and developing well.
Fan trellis is one of ideal flower supports for supporting climbing plants and flowers, give enough space for plants to expand. The black finish decoration adds the classic element for your garden. The fan shape is work well with raised beds. It can be quickly assembled and can save space for off season storage.
Multi Functional Trellis - flower supports has the functions of both tower and panel trellis. The support belt has an interlock connector which can make a circle and connect 2 sets of trellis together. It is ideal for using raised bed for flowering vines like clematis, morning glory and climbing roses. It can set up quickly and put away easily while not it use.
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