Square Planter - Single - Color: White

455,000 VND
Color White
- With the narrow space of the modern apartments' balcony, using a square planter single to plant simple, colorful flowers with little care helps you create a relaxing green space. 
- Good waterproof with drainage holes prevent flooding when raining
- Daim planters' colors do not fade over time, easy to clean
- The parts can be disassembled, stack into all kinds of shapes, the size is suitable for all areas of terraces, gardens, balconies.
- Size: Length 51cm x Width 42.5cm x Height 28.5cm
- Color: white
- Material: 100% virgin plastic
Made by DAIM - Japan Quality
- Material:  Polypropylene, Polyethylene

- Color: White

- 5 years durability when outdoors

- Sturdy, well-ventilated design helps the roots to always  grow well, the top corners of the planters have holes designed - allowing rods to be inserted as trellises, arches for climbing plants or covered with membranes or nets to protect plants

- Assembly: possible to assembly in all directions, in length, width or height
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Square Planter – Single can be assembled as long - wide - high as you like depending on the needs of each type of tree.
455,000 VND

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