Tunnel Stakes - Color: Green - : Set 5 pcs - Size: φ8mm × 1500mm

70,000 VND
The tunnel stakes - Japanese stakes are very convenient products in making a garden tunnel or as a bed in a vegetable farm. Combined with nets, non-woven fabrics or films, it is the ideal product to help you protect crops from birds, pests and cold weather.

Structure of The tunnel stakes - Japanese stakes: inside is a steel stake, outside is covered with virgin PP plastic, can be used for more than 5 years. The plastic-covered surface prevents the plants from being heated in the sun unlike a steel frame
Origin: Japanese DAIM technology, widely used in Japan.

Material: Plastic coating steel stake Polyethylene

Color: Dark green

Set of 5 pieces
Size: φ8mm × 1500mm
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DAIM Garden Stake is lightweight, long-lasting and easy using for support plants and structures. The node and rugged spurs design on the stake make plants to attach easily. Rustproof with water tight closures on both ends' caps. Tipped end is easy to insert into soil. Several sizes for choosing: φ8 and φ11mm stakes are suitable for small flowers and vegetables support; φ16mm stakes are suitable for tomato and climbing plants; φ20mm stakes are suitable for making strong frame and greenhouse. And the length of the stakes can be customized from 750mm to 2400mm.
45,000 VND
The φ16mm connecting pipe with an extremely convenient design makes it easy to connect the climbing rigs together, expanding the area for the vines to grow in your garden.
23,000 VND
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Tunnel Stakes are convenient for making hoops and garden tunnel. Cover with net, fabric or plastic film is ideal for birds, insects and cold weather protection. The tunnel stakes can be stacked away neatly off-season. 
58,000 VND

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