Flower Arch Expanding Kit - Color: White - Size: 30cm

86,000 VND
Color White
Size 30cm
- Japanese Daim's Flower arch extending kit - Plastic coating steel stake - bougainvillea, roses arch, ... - use for expanding the flower arch as your needs by connecting a dedicated 30cm connector.
- The flower arch is a set of trellis for climbing flowers, creating a great highlight for your home.
- The frame consits φ20mm plastic-coated steel core stakes, use for growing climbing plants such as roses, bougainvillea, box orchids...
- Color: white, black
- Products: Japanese technology, Daim - Japan, widely used in Japan.

Material: Plastic coating steel stake, Polypropylene, Steel

Color: White

PP plastic wrapped, over 5 years durability, prevents plants from being heated in the middle of summer unlike other regulart trellises. 

Beautiful, eye-catching design, easy assembly, with solid joints.
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