Stem Support Clip - Color: Black - : Set 10 pcs - Size: φ8-11 mm

90,000 VND
10 clips per product.
Color Black
SetSet 10 pcs
Size φ8-11 mm

Stem Support Clip is design to help climbing plants, flowers, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper.

The stem support clip feature an exclusive easy to use design. Just clip the tipped clip to support stakes, and let the stem in the support ring accordingly.

Clip can easily be stretched and adjusted according to the stem growth.

Rust resistant steel spring ring wires and UV protected plastic is for a long lasting endurance.

Commonly used to help support growing plants, flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and vegetables in the garden. The go-to tool for gardeners, planters, landscaping companies and just anyone with a green thumb.
Durability up to 5 years.

Material: Polypropylene, Iron


- Clamp: Black

- Ring: Silver

Set of 10 pieces, Size φ8-11 mm

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Stem Support Clip will give maximum support , help the plant to grow well
90,000 VND

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