A Frame Kit - Color: Dark Green - Size: 1.8m

Color Green
Size 1.8m

A Frame Kit with sophisticated design is one of green garden supplies which is suitable for growing a variety of vines such as cucumbers, squash, beans... These green garden supplies are made from plastic coated steel with anti-rust technology to increase durability and minimize plant disease problems. A Frame Kit keeps the tree upright as well as increases the plant's ability to absorb sunlight. With this product, customers can plant on both sides of the net and take advantage of the low light below to grow vegetables or other shade tolerant Plants. The characteristic dark green color creates an impressive natural space, used for both modern or traditional gardens.

Outstanding features of A Frame Kit:
- Steel core frame, plastic wrap, Rust-proof for a lifetime of use
- The set of sturdy A-frame climbing rigs, suitable for vines such as beansprouts, gourds, squash, melons, winches, cucumbers, bitter melons
- Can optionally be assembled to increase the length, suitable for each different planting area
- Easy to disassemble, just 3 minutes to complete installation
- Products of Daim – Japan - Green garden supplies with Japanese quality, use at least 5 years at outdoor temperature
- The product comes with a net to support climbing plants and increase air circulation, helping to increase plant productivity.

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