DIY Ring - Color: Green - Size: 22cm

45,000 VND
Color Green
'Japanese garden supplies from Daim Vietnam
'The DAIM DIY Ring is very convenient for you to self-assemble to create a round frame, a KD Obelisk to support plants. The DAIM DIY Ring has hooks wit different sizes to fix the stakes more firmly. The special design makes the DAIM DIY Ring easy to remove and reattach as the plants grow.The ring has 4 hooks to attach the net if you want to use the net to protect the plants.
'- Material: 100% virgin plastic
- Color: Green
- Size: diameter 22cm - 27cm - 32cm - 37cm

Material: Polypropylene, 100% Virgin plastic
Size:  Diameter 22cm
Made by DAIM Vietnam - Japan Quality
Color: Dark green
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DIY Ring is convenient garden supplies for plant support. 
45,000 VND

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