3 Steps to Have an Impressive Smart Vegetable Rig for Family


Many families are choosing to use smart vegetable rigs instead of the traditional method of cultivating vegetables in the ground. This method not only increases the area for growing vegetables but also improves the crop's productivity. This article will help you learn more about smart vegetable rigs with DAIM, as well as how to make them in your own household! 

What is a smart vegetable rig?

In fact, smart vegetable rigs are useful vegetable-growing shelves. These shelves are frequently designed to have a nice, clean appearance and high aesthetics, making them ideal for growing a variety of vegetables and making your family's meals more diverse. Some remarkable advantages of smart vegetable rig include:

The vegetable rig is easily movable to any location in the home or garden. 
Effectively increase the vegetable growing area. 
The product has remarkably good durability and may be used for a long period without being renewed.

Giàn rau thông minh là giải pháp làm vườn hiện đạiMany people nowadays choose smart vegetable rigs as their gardening solution.


Smart vegetable rigs typically come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. To improve your growing experience, you can choose a vegetable rig with wheels for effective movement. 

How to build a smart vegetable rig system at home

Creating a smart vegetable rig at home is often not too difficult. You just need to be a little creative and patient to do it. Do not forget to carefully calculate the requirements to ensure that the vegetable rig's parts fit without being too tight or too loose. The following materials must be ready in order to build a complete smart vegetable rig:

- Suitable seeds/seedlings and vegetable soils
- Short screwdriver or flat screwdriver
- Iron cutting machine
- V-shaped iron
- 8-14 Wrench
- Plastic tray or pot



Cách làm giàn rau thông minh không quá khó khănIt is not too difficult to make a smart vegetable rig



Step 1: Measure the height, width, and length of the area where you plan on installing the smart veggie rig. In order to visualize the general design of a smart vegetable rig, you need to sketch it on paper after you have collected the necessary parameters.

Step 2: Use a ruler to measure the proper length of the pot, and then cut the iron bar as per that length.

Step 3: Assemble the rectangular shapes from the cut iron bars and the center one more bar in the middle. Smart vegetable rig is recommended to make in terrace form to ensure adequate sunlight reaches each vegetable tray. At this step, you should ensure the shelf is balanced and stable. 

Step 4: Install wheels into 4 corners of the shelf.

Step 5: Apply a coating layer of anti-rust paint on the iron bars of the smart vegetable rig.  Then, readjust the layout to get an ideal overall. 

Step 6: Plant seeds or seedlings in the vegetable tray, water, and wait for them to grow. 

Important considerations and advice for choosing the smart vegetable rig. 
If you are just getting started in gardening, you might be confused by all the options when searching for the components to make your own smart vegetable rig, as it has a variety of models, prices, and brands. To help you choose the products easier and ensure good quality, the following aspects should be noted:

Because the smart vegetable rig is typically placed in direct sunlight, they are easy to be affected by the weather, wind, and other elements of the natural environment. In order to build a smart vegetable rig system at home, the rig frame is the first and most important factor. 

When buying seeds, it is recommended to focus on finding varieties that are easy-growing and well-suited to your region's climate and soil. This will ensure the success of the vegetable rig, resulting in lower cases of failed seeding. 

If the weather is too hot or cold, cover the soil to supply moisture to the plant. 


Nên đầu tư dụng cụ làm vườn cao cấp, chất lượngIt is necessary to invest in high-end and high-quality garden tools


It is recommended to buy a smart, high-end garden tool kit for use at home. If you are on the way to building your own smart vegetable rig, you'll find these to be effective supporting tools. 
Do not forget to make an additional cover for the vegetable rig in harsh weather conditions (for the vegetable rigs without wheels, difficult to move into the house). 

If you have the necessary information and the right materials, building a smart vegetable rig in your own home is not a difficult task at all. Do not forget to carefully calculate the parameters to ensure the process goes well without any problems! 
DAIM offers many gardening accessories, as well as modern, and smart vegetable rigs. Daim is a Japanese garden tool supplier.  The notable feature of Daim's products is in their design, which prioritizes not just aesthetics but also practicality, ensuring that gardeners can use them with ease in any condition. Complying with the strict quality regulations in Japan, the products are both durable and have a long lifespan. Especially, Daim offers a wide variety of specialized garden tools for each type of garden, making it a popular choice among professional gardeners.
If you need further information on the products, please feel free to contact DAIM. Furthermore, DAIM will update the website frequently with helpful gardening advice and information on growing vegetables, so be sure to check it out. 

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