New material technology application in smart farming


New smart planting materials have developed as a result of technological and scientific developments. These items improve yields while simplifying indoor plant cares.

So what are the benefits of smart planting materials? Which product lines are currently popular? Let's check out the following article of DAIM to answer the questions.

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smart farming is trendyNowadays, smart farming is trendy


1. Benefits of new material technology
New material technology not only brings convenience to the farmers but also helps plants grow better. Some outstanding benefits of products applied in smart farming include:

Materials with new technology are made of high-quality materials that can withstand the effects of the environment. Customers can choose polymer plastic frames, which are stronger and simpler to use and install, as compared to bulky steel ones when bending trees, for example.

The trellis system and planters have been replaced with assembled plastic planters at a reasonable price. By solving the disadvantages of ceramic pots being heavy and difficult to drain, the assembled plastic planters became more popular.

Use sturdy garden stakes that are lightweight to support the plants. For plants to have a high aesthetic value, bending and shaping are necessary. Garden stakes are therefore frequently used in smart farming. The item is simple to use, has a long lifespan, available in a variety of sizes, and suitable for many kinds of plant.

Therefore, new material technology's products help the farmers in saving their effort, time, and cost. In addition, the use of innovative technology ensures that plants thrive in the best environmental conditions.


New materials are applied to agriculture to simplify the planting processNew materials are applied to agriculture to simplify the planting process


2. Some DAIM products of new material technology 
DAIM offers a variety of product lines using new material technology to meet the demands of the smart farmers, such as:

2.1. Garden stakes
Price: from VND 45,000 to 125,000 / a set of 5 stakes, depending on the size.
Being lightweight, durable, and simple to use, DAIM garden stakes are a product that is widely used in supporting works. With a pointed tip that makes it simple to insert into the ground, the garden stakes are made of rust resistant and weather-resistant materials.

Garden stakes are available in various sizesGarden stakes are available in various sizes


There are various sizes available for garden stakes:
φ8 and φ11mm: suitable for growing flowers and small vegetables.
φ16mm: suitable for vines such as tomatoes, cucumbers. 
φ20mm: usually used as frames and sturdy greenhouses.
The length of stakes can be customized between 750mm - 2400mm.

2.2. Double Square Planter - White
Price: VND 600,000 / planter
A white double square planter is the best option for planting and caring for plants in narrow spaces, such the balcony of a modern apartment. Easy-to-grow flowers can be grown in the planter. You do not need to care as much as using traditional pots.

White double square planters are popular item for growing plants indoorsWhite double square planters are popular item for growing plants indoors



Double square planters are made of 100% virgin plastic, have a long lifespan, are simple to assemble, and can be placed in many locations. Planter size: Length of 51 cm, width of 42.5 cm, and Height 46 cm; ideal for growing potatoes and carrots, etc.

2.3. Tunnel Stakes
Price: from VND 57,000 to VND 105,000 / a set of 5 stakes.
The tunnel stakes are a new technology application material chosen by many customers.  The customers can design garden arches or beds in vegetable farms more easily with the help of the product.

The tunnel stake's surface is covered with virgin PP plastic, extending its lifespan to more than 5 years, while the interior is made of steel pipe. The main benefit of the plastic coated surface is that, in a high temperature environment, the plant is not damaged by heat, unlike the traditional steel frame.

Tunnel stakes are often used in combination with nets, nonwovens, or film to protect plants from the effects of cold weather, pests, and bird.  The smooth surface of the stake limits the tearing of coating film.


Tunnel stakes effectively protect the plantsTunnel stakes effectively protect the plants


Currently, DAIM offers different kinds of tunnel stake with various sizes, such as:
8mm x 1.2m (suitable for beds with WxH: 50cm x 50cm)
8mm x 1.5m (suitable for beds with WxH: 60cm x 60cm)
8mm x 1.8m (suitable for beds with WxH: 85cm x 72cm)
8mm x 2.1m (suitable for beds with WxH: 110cm x 80cm)

2.4. A-frame Kit
Price: from VND 450,000 to VND 500,000 / item
The A-frame kit is a smart farming tool with a delicate and practical design, suitable for growing cucumbers and beans, and other vines. The kit is often used in combination with nets and clips to support the plants so they may rise and improve air circulation. You can also assemble together to make the kit taller.

A-frame kit DaimThe design of A-frame kit is suitable for many kinds of plant


The item is available in 2 sizes:
Φ16mm * 180cm
Φ16mm * 210cm

2.5. Stem support clips
Price: from VND 90,000 to VND 100,000 / item – depending on the size. 
The stem support clip is a tool for fixing the position of vines such as tomatoes and cucumbers, etc. The clip is easy to use; all you have to do is attach the item to support pipes or garden stakes and insert the stem into the guard ring.

The product height can be simply changed as per the plant growth. The product's spring-loaded wire made of sturdy plastic and stainless steel will protect the plants from ultraviolet rays and extends the lifespan of the item.

Stem support clip is a must-have itemStem support clip is a must-have item


We hope that the information in the above article have helped you in finding the answers to your concerns about the new material technology application in smart farming. Please contact DAIM right away for detailed advice if you're looking for a reliable supplier of planting products.

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