Making a simple frame for vines using DAIM DIY ring


For vines to cling on and grow at best, the frame is a necessary item. However, there are many kind of insufficient iron frames available on the market, making it difficult for plants to grow. Therefore, the DAIM DIY ring is the solution for this issue.

So what is a DIY ring? Why should you make frame for plants using DIY ring?  In the following article, let's learn more with DAIM about the issue above.

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Using DIY Ring to make frame for rosesUsing DIY Ring to make frame for roses


1. Why should you make frames for vines using a DIY ring?
Building a frame is like building a "spine" for the vines. The plant can only grow and develop normally when the frame is strong and sturdy.

Some reasons why the users have to make frame for plants:
To shape the plants: When put into garden stakes, DIY ring frames will support branches so that flowers may freely show their beauty.

To bring convenience for the gardeners: The ring set is made of plastic with pipe hooks, which are convenient, easy to use and installed for the gardeners.

Simple to bend as a young plant and to direct its growth: with fruit-bearing vines, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, gourds, squash, etc.  By directing fruit growth in areas of sunlight, DIY ring will help the gardeners in improving plant yields.


Make frames for plants using DIY ringMake frames for plants using DIY ring


To prevent rapid growth of plants that cause bushes sticking together: The gardeners frequently worry about this. Flowers like roses, or Tonkin creeper, etc. have leaf clusters that frequently expand and overlap each other. Unless measures are done, the branches and leaves will block the light, decreasing the plant's metabolism.

Therefore, DIY rings are a suitable item to prevent this situation.


2. The outstanding features of DAIM DIY ring
DAIM Vietnam offers the gardeners DAIM DIY ring to provide a full solution for plants, especially vines. Due to the following outstanding features, this supporting item is a well-known product and is chosen by many customers:

The item makes it simple to assemble a round frame and an obelisk frame to support shaping the plants. As the plant grows larger than it was, the ring is easy to remove and reassemble due to its unique design with built-in hooks.

DAIM DIY ring has hose hooks in 4 different diameter sizes for every demands.  DIY ring makes it simpler for the gardener to fix the frame pipes. The item also includes 4 outer hooks for securing a firm net, which helps to protect plants from wind, insects, and birds.


Assemble pins on DIY ring bodyAssemble pins on DIY ring body


You need the following items to install the vine frame: At least 2 rings to hold the stems, and 3 plastic-coated steel pipes. Depending on the pipe's size, the rings and plastic-coated steel pipe combined to make a round frame that prevents the tree from falling and increases the garden's greenery.

Making a frame that suits your needs and interests is now easier than ever thanks to the feature of being simple to assemble. You do not need to follow the fixed frames like the pyramid, or the round one, etc.

DIY ring is made of 100% virgin plastic following Japanese quality standards.  Therefore, the gardeners can be assured that the product is safe for plants. This quality plastic line is especially resistant to different severe weather conditions, including harsh sun, rain, and storms.

Additionally, the product is manufactured using innovative material technology and is frequently used in smart farming. As DIY ring has a high level of durability and a long service life, gardeners will save the most money on shopping costs when they choose this product.

This item helps the gardeners in many purposes, including growing vines, roses, flower arrangement, etc. in a variety of sizes with diameters ranging from 22 cm, 27 cm, 32 cm, and to 37 cm.

DAIM DIY ring has a reasonable price, only from:
VND 45,000 for the smallest size 22 cm
VND 50,000 for a ring size 27 cm
VND 55,000 with a ring size of 32 cm
VND 60,000 for the largest ring size 37 cm


DAIM DIY ring with the smallest diameter sizeDAIM DIY ring with the smallest diameter size


Besides DIY rings, DAIM also provides other quality garden supplies, such as: double square planter, A-frame kit, garden stakes for planting, stem support clips, etc. to meet many demands of the home farmers or owners of large gardens.

The gardeners' requirements will be satisfied by high-end products from DAIM, which have a delicate and cool design. In particular, the products are made using cutting-edge technology and 100% virgin plastic, ensuring the safety of customers. Especially, DAIM always denies to use the recycled plastics that are harmful to plants.

When growing vines in the garden, the DIY ring is an important high-class Japanese gardening item. Hopefully, the information in the above article has helped you easier to choose the product to meet your needs for growing and caring for plants.

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