Decoration and caring methods for rose trellises


Decorating and caring for a rose garden has never been a simple thing because, in fact, this is not an easy flower to grow. However, if you understand the characteristics of the plant as well as the environmental conditions of the growing area, you can completely grow a healthy and beautiful rose trellis. Follow DAIM to learn how to care for and decorate the rose trellis with accessories like this DIY ring! 

Some designs for rose trellises.

 The suitable design for rose trellises will depend on many different factors (Source: Canva)


You must choose the design theme of this trellis in advance before you go shopping for the components. You need to consider the following factors in order to select the proper style:

  • Garden area: If your garden or balcony has a small space, you should choose tall trellises or balcony climbing flowers. The arch design will be the best option if the garden has more space, or you want to build a garden in a classic style. 
  •  Homeowner preferences: You should choose a suitable design plan to build a rose trellis in accordance with the owner's preferences. 
  •  Budget: You should set a separate total budget for making a rose trellis and stick to it at all times. Therefore, you can design the garden you want without going over budget. Don't forget to set aside a little money to get flower-shaped accessories, such as the DIY Ring! 

You can refer to the following designs and choose the best option for yourself: 

Design the rose trellis in the frame.

With this design, the trellis frame will be built along the shape of the garden. When the roses are fully grown, your yard will appear to be carpeted with lovely flowers while remaining modern and stunning. To avoid giving the appearance of being overcrowded or dim, this style of design is only appropriate for courtyards with a large size and an aesthetic arrangement. 

Design the vertical rose trellis.

This rose trellis design is appropriate for apartment balconies or townhouses with a small garden area. You can buy a square wooden trellis or a parallel iron vertical trellis frame. To shape the plant with an iron frame, you should use an additional DIY ring. Your roses will develop more firmly, and the flower's shape will be as you want. 

Design the rose trellis in an arch. 

Applying this style to large and spacious gardens will help you create a stunning "dream garden." You can build an arch that connects the entrance to the main door. As a result, roses will grow all over the pathway, turning your space into a poetic and fairy-tale scenario. 


 The design of the rose trellis in arch brings a luxurious European feeling (Source: Canva)


Design the rose trellis in the pot.

Growing roses in pots also requires a DIY ring to support the shape of the plant as a vertical flower trellis. This method of planting roses makes it simpler to check on the plant's growth and care for it. Therefore, this design will be prioritized by many families that have small gardens or who lack experience in growing flowers.

3 Simple steps to make rose trellis.

Before starting to make the trellis as designed, you first need to collect the following tools:

  • Iron nail
  • Steel wire or electric wire
  • Marker, ruler
  • Hammer

You can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Clearly define the rose trellis frame you want to create. Then use markers and rulers to measure and mark the necessary points.
  • Step 2: Drive nails into the marked points, but remember to leave ⅓ of the nail, not all!
  • Step 3: Use the electric wire/steel wire to wrap around the marked nail position. Next, you will take the flower plant out of the pot and directly cultivate it under the ground. You need to gently fix the stem to the pre-stretched string. At this step, you should be gently doing it because if you fix it too tightly, it will break the flower. 


 It is not too difficult to make a rose trellis (Source: Canva)


What do you need to decorate and care for the rose trellis?

Choosing the appropriate tools can be difficult if you have little experience in planting and caring for flowers. But don't worry, let's take a look at some advice and products from DAIM!

  •  DIY Ring: The use of the DIY ring is to fix the stem when growing plants in pots or planting towers. DAIM's DIY rings are available in a variety of sizes and designed for ease of removal, allowing you to freely change the size of the ring as the stem grows. In particular, the DIY ring of DAIM also has a relatively high durability, which can be used for up to 5 years at outdoor temperatures.
  •  Rose trellis frame: You can choose from a variety of rose trellis and frame models at DAIM, including pyramid frame, round obelisk frame, arch frame, obelisk frame, and more. These products are all ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with strong bearing capacities and heat resistance.
  • Gardening tools kit: For long-term use, you should choose high-quality gardening tools and supplies. Furthermore, these items will enable you to properly maintain and protect your garden. DAIM offers all the necessary accessories, including planters, garden clamps, crossband connectors, anti-animal net rolls, etc.

 Choose high-quality gardening supplies to create the stunning rose garden as you want (Source: Canva)


DAIM hopes that the information above has helped you build and care for your own rose trellis. If you are looking for garden support products such as DIY rings, planting frames, gardening tools, etc., contact DAIM right away for more detailed advice!

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