The advantages and disadvantages of using a round obelisk for vegetable growing that you should know.


In recent years, it has become very popular to grow fresh vegetables at home. A clean vegetable garden is not, however, something that every family could do due to lack of space. That is why the round obelisk for clean vegetable growing has received much interest, particularly in large cities where the method of growing vegetables in soil is difficult to achieve.

The advantages

There is no coincidence that the round obelisk for clean vegetable growing has been so popular. The characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • Beautiful design, high durability: The round obelisk is creatively and elegantly made, so it may serve as a decorative item for your balcony or garden as well as being used to grow vegetables. The obelisk can also be used continuously for about 3-5 years due to its relatively long durability (depending on the material you choose to make it).

The vegetable tower has beautiful and modern design (Source: Canva)


  • Space-saving: This is a fantastic advantage that makes the round obelisk for clean vegetable growing popular. In just 1 m2, you can have your own clean vegetable tower. In addition, the ability of the vegetable tower to rotate 360 degrees will make it ideal for creating a small vegetable garden on an apartment balcony.
  •  Saving time for care: Busy people without much gardening skill can grow vegetables using a round obelisk. You don't have to water frequently during the day, add fertilizer, or occasionally improve the soil. Instead, the worm tea liquid at the top of the tower will gradually seep down to the vegetable plant's base and supply the vegetables with nutrients. Therefore, all you need to do is plant vegetables, add your organic waste to the tower, water it regularly each day, and wait for the harvest.
  •  Clean vegetables with good quality: Since the round obelisk for clean vegetable growing is an organic method of growing vegetables, you can rest assured that the harvested vegetables are totally clean. Vegetables that grow quickly and are full of nutrients are always available to supply you with meals that are both delicious and nutritious.


Homegrown vegetables will make it easier for you to prepare healthy meals. (Nguồn: Canva)


  • Easy installation: Vegetable growing towers mostly focus on compactness, ease of installation, and portability. The garden can then be configured according to your preferences and available space.
  •  Solution for healthcare: Consuming organic, clean vegetables is an effective method. Furthermore, caring for plants is a beneficial way for seniors to get some gentle exercise and make use of their free time.
  •  Support the education of children: Let your children get used to using a round obelisk to grow their vegetables. You can teach them to take care of plants and watch them grow. In addition to giving children the knowledge they need, parents can use this time to connect with them after a long day at work.

The disadvantages

Besides the above advantages, the round obelisk for clean vegetables growing at home also has some disadvantages that you should know and consider before investing in a round obelisk for vegetable growing. 

  • Pay attention to the location of the round obelisk: The tower must be placed in a place with 20-25% more sunlight than other types of vegetable growing on a surface. This is the reverse side of vertical space expanding. So please remember that your vegetable tower needs at least 4 hours of sunlight a day!


You should pay attention to the place of the round obelisk so that vegetables can grow optimally. (Source: Canva)


  • Limited watering: Because of the small holes' design, which prevents sunlight from harming microorganisms and limits water loss for the roots, as a result, you will feel uncomfortable and entangled every time you water the plants.
  •  How to take care of the round obelisk: You must always maintain the soil in a moist state, even if you do not plant anything, because the vegetable tower uses organic methods to grow vegetables. The worms and other soil microorganisms will die if the soil is left fallow or dry, draining it of nutrients. It will take a lot of work and time to restore the tower because you have to remove it to mix new soil.
  •  Initial investment costs: Despite being aware of the benefits of the round obelisk for clean vegetables growing at home, not everyone is brave enough to invest in their vegetable garden due to fear of failure.

Instructions on how to make a round obelisk for vegetables growing

You can create your own round obelisk for vegetables growing as the following simple, economical materials:

Round obelisk from plastic bottles

  • Step 1: Wash empty plastic bottles and let them dry.
  •  Step 2: Cut the bottle in half and punch the drainage holes.
  •  Step 3: Fix the small plastic bottles to the large plastic bottles with string or a glue gun.
  •  Step 4: Pour in soil and sow vegetable seeds as usual.

Round obelisk from a plastic drum

  • Step 1: Choose a plastic drum with a capacity of 200 liters or more; clean the drum; then drill and cut to create a vegetable growing tower. With a 220-liter plastic drum, you can cut about 54 holes for growing vegetables.
  •  Step 2: Fix the tower with a steel, wooden, or plastic base. Then you can pour the soil and plant the vegetables as usual.

You can make your own vegetable tower with plastic drums (Source: Canva)


Round obelisk from plastic pipes

If a drum cannot be found, you might be able to build the tower out of plastic pipe. Making a tower out of plastic pipes is quite similar to that done using drums; however, due to the relatively small area of plastic pipes, the efficiency is lower. The plastic pipe needs to be washed first. The pipe body will then need to have a set of staggered holes punched into it so that enough light can reach the plants. Finally, shape the planting hole and get the soil ready for growing vegetables.

Pyramid-shaped, round obelisk for vegetables growing

Each floor of the vegetable tower will receive an adequate amount of sunlight due to its top and bottom pyramid designs, and you can water it without worrying about tangling. Use a wooden frame or a storage shelf to create a frame, then attach the washed and cut plastic bottles to the pyramid-shaped frame. With just a few simple steps, you can make a clean vegetable tower at home.

If you're still unsure about what tools to choose for making a round obelisk for growing vegetables, you can check the following supporting products from DAIM, such as:

● Staked cross connector: helps to firmly connect the components on the trellis frame.

● DIY Ring: it supports shaping the plants, helping you create a garden as you wish.

● Planters: the planters at DAIM are all made from high-quality materials, are very resistant to the impact of nature, and can be used for a long time.

 We hope that the above article has helped you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the round obelisk for clean vegetables growing at home, as well as simple ways to make an effective and quality clean vegetable tower. If you need more information about gardening supplies, feel free to contact DAIM. Good luck with the clean vegetable tower!

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