Must have garden supplies for urban gardeners


If you are about to make a rooftop garden or green a part of your balcony, surely you must have a proper set of garden tools in hand. A proper and professional garden tool set will improve garden productivity and help more optimal and effective gardening steps.
Why use garden supplies?
A gardening kit will go along as a powerful aider from the setup to the very care of your garden.
A toolkit that is suitably designed to cut, trim, cultivate and excavate will help you ease up the force and have the work done better. A rake with well-engineered angle, tooth length and pitch will make the right volume of loose soil. Those who fancy some small balcony flower pots may need a shovel with suitable blade area and curvature, which is very useful for you to avoid mucking up the floor every time you garden.
A garden supply set is more than an aider; it also makes gardening safer. A glove shields your hand from not only dirt, but also from the spikes of rose bushes. Pruning shears help you get the desired branch without breaking the trunk or causing hand injuries when you unfortunately hit the bush.
Every tool with their varied functions will aid your gardening in a different way. If you use bare hands only or use the wrong tools, your gardening experience will probably end up in failure and a very waste of time.
Must-have garden supplies for urban gardeners
It is very likely that some urban dwellers have to live in matchbox of an apartment; and they must take countless things into consideration of making a garden, so as not to overlap too much their daily living space. Urban gardening requires no professional tools other than some that are recommended below, based on their high usability, convenience flexibility and suitability for many gardening styles.

 garden supplies gloves

Garden gloves

This is the first and foremost-required tool for every "urban farmer". The choice of gloves depends on your needs and characteristics of your would-be garden. For example, if your gardening requires a lot of porterage or push-carting, or if you are about to plant roses, opt for leather gloves. If you are dreaming of a hydroponic garden, go for rubber gloves. For most of urban gardens, where common vegetables and flowers are planted, cotton gloves are preferred.



This is a multi-function tool that a gardener cannot miss, especially for urban dwellers. A shovel with a suitably curved blade will be a good helper in all gardening practices. Excavating soil, digging ditches and holes, etc. Those tasks will be done much more easily with the help of a proper good quality shovel.


Pruning shears

Whether you are planning to plant flowers or organic crops, don’t forget have pruning shears in hand. They are useful for not only plant shaping, but also clearing off worm-damaged branches and leaves. It is important to choose pruning shears with a firm handle that fits your hand, so that you will not be hurt and fatigued when gardening. The shear blade must be sharp and neat to make clear-cutting and not to damage the plants. 


Hand-held sprayer
 garden supplies hand held sprayers

Hand-held sprayer

A mist sprayer is recommended for city gardens. Small water jet will moisture the plants evenly, allowing them to gradually absorb water and grow well. In some cases, hand-held sprayer can be used to spray other solutions for your garden.
Here above are common garden supplies for all types of garden in urban areas. You may need other tools to make more productive and easier gardening experience, depending on the type of garden.

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