Basic planting tools at home


A complete garden tool kit will make planting and caring for our plants easier. In previous articles, Daim mentioned about "Tips for choosing planters for small balconies". In this article, Daim will share the "Basic planting tools at home" that every gardener should have.

1. The necessity of planting tools

Planting is most likely a hobby for many people. It's also a good way to unwind after a long day at work. Growing our own plants and veggies at home not only allows us to decorate our home, but it also provides us with a reliable source of clean, high-quality food. To make your planting simple and effective, you should equip a set of basic planting tools.

Planting tools make growing plants simpler

A complete set of planting tools will make it easier to grow plants. Many of you surely have encountered difficulties when growing plants due to a lack of planting tools. For example, you are trying to prune leaves for your flowers but do not have specialized shears scissors. Or you want to dig the soil, but you don't have a hoe or shovel.

Moreover, having a full kit of garden supplies also helps you save a lot of time in the process of planting and caring for plants. You will operate faster, simpler and the efficiency that these tools bring is also higher. In particular, having a garden tool kit allows you to take your gardening more seriously.

2. Some basic garden supplies you should have

Perhaps many people are still wondering what planting tools should be equipped and which planting tools are suitable. There are many different types of garden supplies on the market nowadays. Here are some basic garden supplies needed when growing plants that you can refer to:

The planting tools kit includes many different items

● Garden gloves: This is an indispensable tool while growing plants. Gloves will help protect your hands during the growing process.

● Stem Support Clip: For soft-stemmed plants such as flowers and vines, specialized support clips will help the stem stick to the poles and trellises without causing damage to the plants.

● Shovel: Along with a hoe, a shovel is also a necessary tool for shoveling soil, sand, or digging holes in areas where the hoe cannot work.

● Planters: Planters are indispensable if you want to grow plants or vegetables in small areas such as balconies. Using planters will ensure the plants have enough space to grow and also enhance the aesthetics of the planting area.

● Shears scissors: Shears scissors will help you cut, trim branches and leaves simply, quickly, and safely.

● Stakes Cross Connector: The stakes cross connector will help you fix the planters together more firmly. At the same time, you can also create your own climbing vines, tree frames with a cross connector.

● Water sprayer: A water sprayer will help you water your plants more easily, providing enough daily water for plants.

Besides, other garden supplies such as garden wire, plastic-coated steel pipe, row covers ... are also important in the planting process. They help you to design your planting areas or fix plants, helping plants grow better.

3. Where to buy quality garden supplies

If you are looking for a place to buy reputable and quality planting tools, Daim is the perfect choice for you. Daim is a reputable garden tool supplier brand originated from Japan. All Daim products are manufactured from materials that are safe with nature and human health. At the same time, they have high durability, good applicability, and can be used for a long time, and are less damaged during use.

Garden supplies of the DAIM brand are very popular due to their good quality and durability

Garden supplies, in particular, are diversified at Daim. Some outstanding products can be mentioned here such as a double planter, single planter, crossband connector, stem support clip, stakes cross connector, soft ties, or garden borders... You can surely find the tools you want at Daim. The products price at Daim is suitable for many customers. You can directly access the Daim website for more detailed information about the products here.

A planting tool kit will be a great assistant, making growing and taking care of your plants easier. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned some basic garden supplies needed as well as an address to buy reputable and quality garden supplies - Daim.

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