Where to buy garden supplies?


Garden supplies are essential in the process of planting and caring for plants. With the increase of demands, stores providing agricultural materials are also growing. However, there are many poor-quality products among them. Using gardening products from reputable and high-quality brands will help users easily to handle work, increasing efficiency and saving time. So where to buy garden supplies to ensure quality?

Daim is currently a distributor and supplier of high-quality garden supplies that are trusted by many people. Especially for new gardeners who are confused when buying garden supplies, they can trust Daim to save costs and optimize efficiency.

1. Garden supplies at Daim

Daim provides garden supplies manufactured according to Japanese technology with high applicability and a wide variety. Daim's various garden supplies will make your gardening simpler and more convenient. Some of the typical garden supplies that Daim is providing are double square planter, single square planter, stem support clip, stakes cross connector, garden easy clamp, soft ties, garden edging roll, trellises. … Daim will help you answer the question of where to buy garden supplies. Coming to Daim, you can easily choose the garden supplies that suit your use demands.

Double Square planter

a) Square planter

 There are two types of square planters at Daim: single and double This product is suitable for growing plants in small areas such as balconies in apartments. With a variety of sizes, Daim planters will solve the problem of position to grow your plants. Especially because it is made of 100% virgin plastic, this product is also extremely safe for users and environmentally friendly.

b) Steam support clip

Stem support clip is a product designed to help fix vines such as flowers, cucumbers, or tomatoes to the trellises. This product is quite easy to use and can be adjusted up and down to suit the growth of the plant. In addition, with springs made of stainless steel and plastic which are not affected by UV rays, the stem support clip is durable and long-lasting.

c) Stakes cross connector

Stakes cross connector is a product designed to attach plastic-coated stakes to form fences or trellises from plastic-coated stakes. With a variety of sizes, the stakes cross connector can be compatible with many types of piles. With this product, the users can easily design their own fences or trellises at home.

d) Soft ties

Soft tie is a product to fix the stem with trellises or support stakes. With a soft surface, the product will not injure the stem and makes it easy for users to handle.

e) Garden edging roll

 Garden edging roll is a product that helps separate the planting area in your garden space. These garden edging rolls will shape the planting area, making the garden neater and more beautiful.
Daim garden supplies are manufactured from high-quality, user-friendly materials. Especially, they also have high functionality and application, easy to use. With diverse products and high applicability, Daim will be the perfect answer to the question of where to buy garden supplies.

Daim’s Garden Edging roll

2. Daim's garden supplies sales channels

Where to buy garden supplies?

You can easily buy Daim garden supplies by many different methods such as going to Daim stores, buying through Daim's website or hotline.

You can go to Daim's store at Lot C8, N3 Road, Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park, Khanh Binh Ward, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province to buy garden supplies.

If you cannot buy directly, you can visit Daim-vn.com website to view garden supplies and order directly through the Website. Daim's website includes full information about garden supplies, helping you to have the most accurate picture of the product.
You can also contact hotline +84 (274) 3653915 to purchase. Daim's staff is always ready to advise you to choose the best products for you.

Daim Factory in Vietnam

3. How to order Daim's s garden supplies?

To order Daim garden supplies, you can go directly to Daim's headquarters to buy goods or order through Daim's hotline and website. If you want to buy directly, you just need to go to Daim's store address to choose the products you want.

For those of you ordering through the website or via the hotline, you just need to visit Daim's website, select the product you want to buy, and proceed to order by directly contacting Daim's staff. The staff will confirm your order and deliver it by post or courier. Customers who buy goods through the website and hotline will need to transfer 100% of the order value in advance.

We hope this article will help you to know where to buy garden supplies. Using good, high-quality garden supplies will help us save time and effort in planting and taking care of plants.

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