List of necessary vegetable gardening supplies for your green home garden


When everyone is working from home, renovating your home garden to grow a vegetable space is both relaxing and providing safe and clean food in a difficult situation like these days. Let's follow us to see how to make an easy and quality homemade veggies garden. 

1. Synthetic plastic pot:
For city houses having a small garden and limited home space, it is necessary to use vegetable gardening supplies such as plant pots. Simple synthetic plastic pots are the optimal choice with many sizes that are affordable, and are popular on the market.

Synthetic plastic pot to grow vegetable at home

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Plastic pots are extremely convenient vegetable growing tools helping the gardeners easily divide the area of land for many types of veggies. From short-term to herbs, all can be grown neatly in these plastic pots. Plastic pots currently have many sizes, the gardeners should choose pots depending on their needs and different types of plants. With small and medium pots, you can change its position according to the amount of sunlight, put on the balcony, window, or hang into many floors to effectively save space.

2. A-Frame Kit for climbing veggies:
With a convenient design for harvesting climbing veggies, the A-frame Kit is the most suitable vegetable gardening supplies. Some types of climbing veggies are easy to grow and quickly harvest such as gourds, squash, melons, bitter melons, cucumbers, Tonkin creeper, etc. These quick-harvesting, easy-to-grow climbing veggies will provide a source of fresh, nutritious essential food throughout the quarantine. Some good growing veggies that can be sown during the pandemic and harvested for a long time are the nutritious gac tree, the passion fruit tree contains vitamins, the grapevine is suitable for all climates and easy to grow at home with a strong vitality and be able to withstand harsh weather.…

A frame kit from Daim Vietnam Daim Vietnam A-Frame Kit helps your climbing veggies grow well


3. Vegetable gardening supplies for small gardens:
The multi-functional trellis allows the gardeners to change the shape of trellis to fit a small garden area, as well as customize it to suit the type of veggies that needs to be grown. The multi-functional trellis often comes with the planters, as supports for low climbing veggies. Some suitable veggies which are easy to care for and convenient for people working from home during the pandemic are cucumbers, tomatoes, okra…

4. Tunnel Stakes:
Besides the pre-assembled pots or trellis, the gardeners can create their vegetable beds using U-shapes tunnel stakes. After fixing the stakes, the gardeners can use types of nets and fabrics available at home to cover the tunnel creating a barrier to protect veggies from the attack of birds, insects, poultry... When you finished preparing the land, you can rest assured to plant for a fresh and clean vegetable bed during the quarantine.

tunnel stakes from Daim Vietnam

Tunnel stakes help protect the veggies garden


5. Anti-cat and pet network roll:

anti cat network roll from Daim Vietnam

Anti-cat network roll helps protect vegetables from your pets


Besides insects, cats or pets can also cause damage to the veggies' garden. Anti-cat and pet network roll protects your garden, preventing the entry of your pets that harm or breakage of the veggies garden at the germination stage to the time of harvest.

Daim – a Japanese standard garden supplies manufacturer provides a variety of multi-functional vegetable gardening supplies, effectively supporting the process of renovating and growing a fresh and clean veggies garden at home.


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