Simple trellis ideas for city dwellings


Space is a challenge for urban gardeners, as how can you make your own green paradise in the matchbox of an apartment? Climbing plants are often chosen by city dwellers who desire the embrace of nature. There are many kinds of trellis that suit the various preferences, aesthetic taste and time budget of homeowners.

Wall trellises

Wall trellises are suitable for those who want to green a blank space indoor or outdoor. Indoor trellises with just a clever selection and blending of colors will make your home more unique without spending too much money. Wall trellis is usually made of wood, plastic, iron ... Wall trellis is constructed to fix to the wall and make support for trellises. Some wall trellises may be arranged on the wall surface or under the staircases to make green coverage for the house. Wall trellises are now more than a joy of planting, as there are numerous creative artistic designs of climbing plants that come in harmony with the home design to make impressive highlights and enrich the living space. For indoor wall trellis, such plants are usually used: golden pothos, ivy, Pluchea, etc.

Wall trellis placed along the stairs
Wall trellis placed along the stairs

A frame kit
This type of trellis is used for large rooftop gardens and suitable for climbing plants such as cucumbers and beans.
A frame kit is very diverse in dimension, and adaptable to different garden features. A frame kits are linked together easily, allowing immediate scaffolding for the trellises. A frame kit is advantageous for air circulation, pest reduction and ventilation for better growth of plants. Besides, the spatial advantage makes harvesting easy and clean.
Some plants requiring A frame kits are cucumber, bean and tomato.

Small trellis
For this kind of trellis, plants are grown separately. It is applicable for flowering plants. The trellis is usually made of plastic, steel ..., and comes into a variety of form such as round bird cage, rectangular or square frame. The sizes of trellis are also various, but the most popular are less than 1 meter and used for planting small flowers at the balcony or front porch. A plus point of this trellis is that it is small and flexibly assembled, subject to the nature of the plants.
Small trellises are suitable for medium-sized flowers, especially roses.

Multi functional trellis

Multi functional trellis

Multi functional trellis

Multi functional trellis is now a popular choice because of its flexibility and adaptability to various plant species. A multi-purpose trellis is made of plastic-coated steel core, which can be rolled up, end-to-end connected or formed into fences. The second advantage is that it is very easy to assembly or dismantle.
A multipurpose trellis can be used for many gardening plans, and it also helps you save the gardening costs.
Multi functional trellis is one of Daim's best seller, for its sustainable material, flexible design, user-friendliness, cost and space saving.
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