5 must-have smart gardening supplies


Due to its ability to reduce stress and exhaustion after a long day of study and work, planting trees is a hobby, passion, and interest of many people. However, planting trees is not simple. It takes time to acquire the proper technique, followed by the care of the grower, to have a good, green garden.

In particular, we have to mention the importance of the garden supplies helping you to plant and care for plants at home more efficiently.

Here are the Top 5 smart garden supplies from Daim. These garden supplies are great helpers of gardeners during the process of caring for plants.

1. Planters

Talking about smart garden supplies from Daim, we cannot forget to mention the product line of Daim planters. Planters made by Daim has precisely design specialized for growing plants. With a pelvic bottom and drainage buttons, the planters from Daim have a unique design. With the use of this component, the users may easily control the water amount in the planter, preventing too much water from pooling while still being able to stop the water from pouring out. Furthermore, the planter’s bottom has a pad with air vents to prevent the plant from being waterlogged. Plants will have the ideal environment to grow and thrive in Daim's planters.

Currently, Daim is offering the single and double square planters, particularly the UELU Skypot pottery, a brand-new smart garden supplies with an innovative design, available in the Vietnamese market for the first time.

Daim planters have a special design

2. Trellises

Vines are the most common type of home gardening. They are simple to grow and come in a wide variety, which is the reason why people prefer choosing them. However, to ensure enough space for the plant to thrive, the gardeners have to use trellises.

Daim has released smart trellises products with different styles and sizes in response to customers' demand. Daim’s trellises have unique styles that fit the nature of vines. Therefore, they will be grown in the most advantageous areas.

3. Stem support clip

The stem support clip is one of the most important smart garden supplies for home use. The stem support clip from Daim makes it easier to fix the stem to stakes, poles, or trellises. It will help the plants maintain their strength and be less vulnerable to outside influences. The plants will be less broken, fallen, or crushed by wind, rain, or storm thanks to Daim's stem support clips.

Daim’s stem support clip

4. Garden stakes

Daim's garden stakes are no longer a strange product for the gardening lovers. Nowadays this is regarded as among the most adaptable and smart garden supplies. The users can design their own trellises or climbing rigs for their plants using Daim's garden stakes. The garden stakes from Daim can also be used as poles to protect and support stems.

Additionally, Daim's garden stakes are available in different sizes, enabling the customers to choose the most suited to the demands and the area of the vegetable growing space. By combining garden stakes with Daim's connectors items, the users can create many useful and smart garden supplies when growing plants at home.

5. Tunnel stakes

Besides the garden stakes, tunnel stakes are another smart garden supplies that many people use in the planting and caring for plants at home. This product is frequently used to create tunnel frames or trellises in the form of arches to protect plants. With the variety of sizes, the customers can definitely find the suitable products at Daim.


Daim’s tunnel stakes are common used


All of Daim's smart garden supplie have the special feature of being produced from safe materials, friendly to human and environment. Being produced by Japanese technologic contributes to their durability and long-term usability.

Daim also provides a wide range of other smart garden supplies in addition to the above products providing the best support for the users during the gardening process. It should be noted that Daim also produces other items including anti cat network roll, stakes cross connectors, Japanese garden edging rolls, support clips, and flower trellises, etc.


Here are our top 5 must-have smart garden supplies at home for the plant lovers. We hope that by reading our article, you have gained a better understanding of the smart garden supplies from Daim and kept in mind a reputable, high-quality location to purchase gardening supplies.

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