3 experiences for designing decorative flower trellises in front of house


Currently, many people choose to design flower trellises to decorate their houses. Let's refer to the experiences when designing decorative flower trellises in front of house to get the most beautiful and satisfactory flower trellises.

1. Why should we design flower trellises in front of house?

A flower trellis in front of house not only enhances the aesthetics of the house but also helps to purify the air and improve the quality of the living environment.

In some cases, the meticulously designed flower trellis is also a way to show the style and taste of the homeowner. Meanwhile, for families that focus on feng shui, the flower trellises in front of the house are selected with plants suitable for elements and age to bring luck, wealth, peace, and prosperity to the whole family

Decorative flower trellis at the front yard enhances the beauty of the house

2. Experiences when designing decorative flower trellises in front of house

To have a beautiful and suitable flower trellis for the house is not an easy thing at all. Here are some experiences when designing flower trellises in front of house that you can refer to and get the most suitable and satisfactory flower trellises.

2.1. Choose a suitable flower trellis design position

The position of the flower trellises design is an important issue to be first mentioned. A reasonable position will enhance the beauty of both the house and the flower trellis.

The most common position with these flower trellis is right at the house gate. This position will give the impression of the whole house. It is often used for houses with large gates and lots of space, especially families with front yards. The combination of flower trellis and garden brings freshness to the house.

Another common position to design flower trellis is on both sides of the gate for families with a narrow main door and a small path leading to the house. Homeowners can make flower trellises on both sides of the gate so that flowers can climb on the roof and walls, thereby creating shade and embellishing the architecture of the house.

If you own a gate close to the main door, the homeowner should only design the flower trellises on the left or right side of the gate. These positions both help ensure the aesthetics of the flower trellises without making the house hidden by plants.


Decorative flower trellises should be placed in the suitable position

2.2. Choose the style of the flower trellises to match the house architecture

The harmony between the shape of the decorative flower trellises and the architecture of the house also embellishes the beauty of both of them. A house designed in a classical style, with a European touch will be suitable for flower trellises designed in a luxurious, polite style, with ancient colors. Some flower trellises in this style are usually cool green, trimmed, and selected with arched, circular, or square shapes. Classic European style will often favor white, brown, or black trellis frames.
As for the houses that are designed in a youthful and modern style, the flower trellises with unique and novel designs will definitely be a perfect choice. Some ideas for this youthful style such as a simple wooden flower trellis combined in the plant bushes, or CNC trellis cut patterns using vines from the planters or trellis foot.

2.3. Choose the suitable flowers

To have certain beautiful flower trellises in the front yard, we need to find a suitable kind of flower. Homeowners should choose flowers with bright, light colors which are not too bright as well as scents that are not too strong to bring the most comfortable living space.

In addition, you should also consider choosing flowers to suit the weather and environmental conditions in your living area. Currently, there are many popular flowers to decorate their front yards such as Ragoon creeper, bougainvillea, or climbing roses..

Daim flower trellis has an impressive design

3. Daim’s decorative flower trellises

Currently, Daim is providing many models of flower trellises with different sizes and designs for you to decorate your front yard. Daim's decorative flower trellises have unique designs, suitable for many different styles. Besides, the Daim’s flower trellis is also made from high-quality materials. These products also have a long service life, which can be used for a long time without worrying about being affected by the environment.

Above are all of our shares related to the experiences of designing decorative flower trellises in front of house. Hope this article has provided you with useful information to design the most beautiful and meaningful flower trellises.

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