3 ways to make a simple but eye-catching rose trellis


Vibrant climbing roses blooming gorgeously in the garden bring a great vibe for flower-loving gardeners. However, growing big and beautiful roses depends on many factors, and making a flower trellis is the most important step. Many ornamental flower experts share that a properly designed flower trellis will help flowers climb and develop best. So what should you pay attention to? Let's check out the following article to have a beautiful and genuine rose trellis making your garden more colorful.

Blooming roses are the highlights of your house

What is the benefit of a rose trellis?

The rose trellis has an important effect on the development of climbing roses, helping the flowers to be supported, creating a point of attachment for the branches of the slender rose to climb. In addition, the trellis also helps to create beautiful, eye-catching shapes and express the owner's personality. It can be said that a beautiful rose trellis not only helps the garden to shine and create highlights but also shows the sophistication and creativity of the florists.

Some popular ways to make rose trellises

Nowadays, rose trellis has been "renovated" in a variety of materials, sizes, frame designs, etc. depending on the purposes and preferences of the florist. Especially you can apply right at home. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ways to make roses trellis.

Rose trellis is skillfully made from laces

Rose trellis from wires

Rose trellis with wires is suitable for those who like creativity and are passionate about crafts. This is also a simple, low-cost way to make a rose trellis. With this method, you only need to prepare an electric wire or steel wire, iron nails to fix, and items such as a hammer, marker, ruler...

This method includes 3 steps as follows:
● Step 1: Identify the pattern you want to shape, use a marker and a ruler and connect the points.
● Step 2: After marking the points, use the prepared iron nails to drive into the dotted points, please note to only drive 2/3 of the nails.
● Step 3: Use a wire to connect the nailed points, bring the rose plant out of the pot, plant it directly in the ground, and use a wire to fix the stem of the plant to the frame (do not tie it too tightly prevent damaging the plant).

This is a fairly common way to make a rose trellis, however, it still limits on durability and width of the trellis.

Make a rose trellis with wooden bars

Rose trellis with wooden bars creates a sense of solidity and elegance. The way to make wooden rose trusses is popular, you can take advantage of the available wooden bars at home. The feature of this type of trellis is to show the delicate creativity of the owner. Making a rose trellis with wooden bars includes the following steps:

Preparation tools include wooden bars, pens, saws, wires, or nails. Let's check the following steps:

● Step 1: Saw the wooden bars into logs like the samples, fix the wooden bars, and use a pen to dot them. Next, use wire or nails to fix the wooden bars. Please note that you should leave a piece of about 60cm in the leg to plug the frame into the ground.

● Step 2: Take the rose out of the pot, plant it directly in the ground right at the frame position, and tie the branches to the frame for the roses to climb (do not tie too tightly).

This method has limitations in terms of materials. When the wood is left outside for a long time, it will be easily moldy, the surface will be rough, and the durability will also be significantly reduced. Therefore, the way of making a wooden rose trellis should only be applied in the short term, you need to regularly change the trellis frame to keep the aesthetics of the garden.

Make a rose trellis from Daim's frames

Rose trellis from Daim's frames have specialized, diverse designs and are the most popular these days. Daim's rose trellis is not only cherished the beauty of the flowers but also helps the flowers to grow at their best, creating a row full of beautiful roses always ready to bloom.

Daim is currently a reputable and trusted manufacturer of rose trellis. Trellis models include 2 basic colors, white and black, suitable for many gardening styles.

Daim rose trellis are made of high-quality iron, and covered with anti-rust paint, so the product's life is always guaranteed. Daim flower trellis is durable in many different weather conditions and ensures that the rose garden always keeps its shape to the owner's demands.

Hopefully, the above article on how to make a rose trellis will give you suitable ideas. We hope you will own a beautiful and romantic garden with the most meticulous care for beautiful roses.

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