4 ideas of splendid decorative flower trellis for outdoor balcony


A lovely flower trellis on the balcony will be a great highlight for every house. If you own a sunny balcony and want to make it more stunning, let's check out the 4 following ideas of beautiful decorative flower trellises.

1. Why should you design decorative flower trellis for the balcony?

A flower trellis on the outdoor balcony will enhance the beauty of your house and is the perfect place to relax for family members. Here are some reasons that you should build and design a decorative flower trellis on the balcony for your home:

a) Balance for Feng Shui

Decorative flower trellis on the balcony also balances the feng shui for your house. Each type of flower trellis material will represent different elements in the five elements. So choose the right materials for your element to receive luck and fortune into the house.

b) Air conditioning for the house

The flower trellis on the balcony will also bring a fresh and cool atmosphere to your home, especially on hot summer days. The flower trellis is also an extremely good natural air purifier, it will help effectively purify the air.

c) Enhance the beauty of your house

A flower trellis is not only a place to grow flowers or to satisfy the owner's flower passion, but it is also a great highlight on the balcony creating the beauty of the house. The flower trellis will refresh your house, make you feel closer to nature, and more interesting.

Flower trellis on the balcony enhance the beauty of the house

d) Create a relaxing space for owners

Besides the aesthetic factor, the decorative flower trellis on the balcony is also a suitable place for homeowners to relax and relieve stress. Homeowners can place a set of small tables and chairs under the flower trellis to make a cup of tea, have a sip of coffee, read books and enjoy the relaxing scenery. With beautiful flower trellis on the balcony, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing space at your own home without going far to chill after hours of work.

2. Suitable materials to make balcony flower trellis

Choosing the right materials to make decorative flower trellises on public balconies is important. They are a big determinant of the aesthetics, longevity as well as feng shui of the flower trellis. Here are some tips for choosing materials to make flower trellises that you can refer to:

The material significantly determines the durability and aesthetics of the flower trellis

● Safety and certainty: This is the first factor when choosing materials to make a balcony flower trellis. Using unsafe and poor-bearing materials can be dangerous for homeowners when the flower trellis is broken or collapsed. So choose a material with good bearing capacity, strong, and especially suitable for the type of flower you plan to grow.

● Aesthetics: Besides safety, aesthetics is also a factor that should be noted. You can choose materials with good aesthetics, easy to shape for the design of the flower trellis. Wood, iron, or concrete are popular materials that could be considered using.

● Feng Shui: Homeowners should also choose materials that suit their elements to be good in feng shui.

● Price: You can consider your financial ability to choose materials with suitable prices.

3. Some beautiful and splendid balcony flower trellis

If you are looking for a design of decorative flower trellis on the balcony, here are some splendid flower trellises that you can refer to:

a) Concrete flower trellis

Concrete has great durability, can be designed in many different styles. However, this type of flower trellis is quite difficult to construct and after a long time of use, they can become mossy, moldy.

b) Iron flower trellis

Iron flower trellis has the advantage of fast construction, low cost, homeowners can comfortably create different designs. However, just like the concrete flower trellis, after a long time outdoors, the iron flower trellis may rust and have a low service life.

c) Wooden flower trellis

Decorative wooden flower trellis brings in a luxurious and classic beauty. However, the cost of wood is quite expensive. Especially when it is hot or rainy weather, wood is easy to crack, break, deform or mold. At the same time, it is also difficult to avoid termites after a long time of use. So if you want to make outdoor wooden flower trellis, you should combine them with a transparent roof.

d) Plastic flower trellis

Plastic is the most popular flower trellis material, because they are cheap, durable, do not rust crack, or break over time, even if left directly outdoors. The construction of plastic flower trellis is also simple. However, the aesthetic of plastic flower trellis is not as great as a wooden, concrete, or iron flower trellis.

e) Flower trellis made of plastic-coated steel pipe

Plastic-coated steel flower trellis, a new kind of trellis newly appeared on the market and is very popular with customers because of its superiority compared to other types of flower trellises. Plastic coated steel pipe has high durability, good resistance to environmental changes such as sun, wind, rain, and storm. The inner steel material makes the flower trellis more steady, withstands strong winds, and the outer plastic material contains UV-resistant components, so the product can be used for a long time. Especially, the flower trellis is also highly aesthetic, suitable for different types of townhouse balconies.

Plastic-coated steel flower trellises by DAIM Vietnam Co., Ltd arepopular on the market

Each type of flower trellis has its advantages and features. Please consider your hobbies as well as your financial ability to choose the right flower trellis. We hope this article has provided you with more interesting and useful information about balcony flower trellises.

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