Daim Vietnam Agricultural materials quotation for 2022


Agricultural materials are an indispensable part of growing and caring for plants. Owning agricultural materials will make your gardening work simpler and easier.

Currently, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the prices of agricultural materials have been significantly affected. Let's follow us to find out the current agricultural materials quotation in the market and the agricultural materials quotation of Daim Vietnam in 2021 through this article.

1. Current agriculture materials quotation in the market

Recently, especially in 2021, the price of agricultural materials in the domestic market has increased sharply due to the scarcity of production materials. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more difficult to import agricultural materials and supplies from abroad as well as raw materials for domestic production. Because of that, the supply of agricultural products is gradually becoming insufficient. The supply is small, but still in great demand, which has pushed the price of domestic agricultural materials to increase more and more.

Agricultural materials' prices are increasing sharply

Although having support from the State, the price of agricultural materials in Vietnam still highly increases compared to 2020. Some commodities such as fertilizers have increased in price by more than 100%. Garden supplies are slightly expensive, about 10 to 30%. The increase in prices of agricultural products has caused many difficulties for gardeners and especially farmers.

2. Agricultural materials quotation at Daim Vietnam

Daim is a supplier of agricultural materials and garden supplies manufactured by Japanese technology in Vietnam. Although current agricultural products' prices on the market have increased sharply, the products of agricultural materials and garden supplies at Daim still maintain a stable price. The reason is that Daim has a direct production line in Vietnam and has sources of production materials imported directly from Daim Corporation in Japan. This helps Daim ensure the number of products and keep the selling price stable.

Daim Garden easy clamp

Daim supplies a wide variety of agricultural materials and supplies such as the square planter, garden easy clamp, trellises, stakes cross connector, plastic-coated stakes, etc. To find out more detailed product information of agricultural materials at Daim, as well as for a specific agricultural materials quotation of Daim, please visit Daim-vn.com website. Daim always makes efforts to bring customers guaranteed quality garden supplies at the most suitable price.

3. Why should you choose DAIM products?

Daim is proud to be a manufacturer specializing in providing garden supplies with high functionality and applicability, manufactured from safe, users, and environmentally friendly materials. In addition to stabilizing the prices of garden supplies during the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Daim also constantly innovates and develops our products to meet the needs of customers, making your gardening simpler, easier and enjoyable.

Daim garden supplies have guaranteed quality, high applicability

Please contact us now for an agricultural materials quotation and to own yourself the good quality garden supplies with high applicability, safety, and environmental friendliness.

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