Don't skip these 5 steps when buying flower supports


For the new gardeners, choosing a suitable and durable flower support is very important. However, various designs in the market make the new gardeners confused and they do not know how to choose the right product for their needs. This article will guide you on how to choose the right flower support for your needs without spending too much, and provide some information for consideration when making a decision to buy.

Choosing flower supports material suitable for weather conditions:
As flower supports are often placed outdoors, considering the weather before deciding to buy should be a top priority. If you plant trees and flowers where there is a lot of sunlight, you should choose a sturdy support with iron, steel or plastic coated steel core to prevent brittle facture when placing outdoors for a long time. In the case of growing in hot weather all year round, you should choose a flower support with a plastic coating such as synthetic plastic or PE/PP coated steel or electrostatically painted iron to prevent corrosion and rust.

A wooden flower supports is also a worthy choice, especially for those who want to design a garden in a natural style, or a Japanese style. The wooden frame supports the growth of flowers and enhances the aesthetics of the garden. The weakness of wood material is that it is easy to rot or discolor under harsh weather conditions.

Choosing the right material should be a top priority as it will avoid damage, replacement, expensive cost or break and damage to plants. 

Size of flower supports suitable for space:
Before deciding to buy a flower support, it is necessary to consider your garden space to estimate the height, width, and depth of an appropriate flower support.

For a flower garden in the yard, which is well-ventilated, you should choose an A-shaped trellis or arch frame. This type of frame or trellis is very sturdy and designed in large sizes, normally over 2m high, including many bars and stakes that are welded together for maximum growth of plants and flowers. For townhouse garden with limited height, you may choose a horizontal support. You should choose a flower support that can easily add or remove bars to actively adjust the frame to suit the garden area and space. If your space is narrow, which is a corner of the balcony or window, you should choose a rectangular support that is both luxurious and fits in the door frame without blocking the view. It is also important to note that, heat-tolerant plants and flowers should be planted in this place and regularly pruned to maintain a beautiful space. 
 Choose your flower support depending on your garden space

Choose your flower support depending on your garden space 

Choosing the design of flower supports according to the plants:
Each type of plant will be suitable for a certain type of planting support. Straight woody flower plants should be fixed with a round support or a bell tower support. This compact type of support occupies an area of about 40*40cm only, including straight stakes from 1,2m to 2m high, straps and joints for shaping the plant and preventing it from falling under impact of strong winds or storms. Flower vine plants are suitable for the arch frame. An arch frame for growing roses creates a beautiful and brilliant flower gate. This type of support is designed in large sizes and is firmly fixed for durability of over 5 years.

If you want to build a small garden with popular climbing plants on the wall in small size, wall trellis or pots with hangers should be preferred. The flower support is fixed on the wall or hung on external side of the balcony for saving the space and creating a green accent for the house.
Combine different designs of flower supports

Combine different designs of flower supports

Choosing products from reputable brands
For the new gardeners, priority should be given to choosing products from reputable brands specializing in the production of gardening products. Their product specialization and industry experience will provide the gardeners with the best quality products. Choosing quality and durable products from reputable brands will save you a lot of money.

DAIM is a leading brand of gardening supplies, owning a strict production process from Japan. DAIM brings many new products satisfying the diverse needs of the users. Especially, DAIM’s products with high performance and flexibility are highly appreciated by the gardening community because of their savings, usability and functions which enable them to be more creative in the gardening process.

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