Flower trellis suggestions for city houses


Flower trellis is a great suggestion for designing a complete garden that is easy to assemble, economical and aesthetic. How to create a green garden quickly and delicately with a tight budget? Let's take a look at the following suggestions of flower trellis and applications on designs. 

1. Flower trellis for balcony:
Flower vine trellis: Flower trellis with grid design or A-shaped is commonly used and suitable for many types of plants and flower vine. As being often located outdoors, you should pay attention to choosing a sturdy and durable material such as steel, heat-resistant iron. Some types of flower vine such as Tonkin jasmine, Rangoon creeper are sunstroke plants and do not require too complicated techniques for the beginners who grow vines for the first time. For those who prefer a luxurious living space, a trellis of climbing roses with a gentle fragrance

Mesh-design flower trellis suitable for vines Mesh-design flower trellis suitable for vines

Artificial flower trellis: In case the owner doesn't have time for regularly taking care and watering the plants, it is suggested to use artificial flower trellis to save money, time and still ensure the aesthetics of the house. Artificial flower trellis is usually made of synthetic resin material, attached with durable silk flowers, which look like real ones. It should be noted to choose flower colors that match the color of house walls and are made of high-quality materials to prevent flowers from fading quickly when placed on the balcony.

2. Flower trellis for indoor:
Wall trellis: Wall trellis is made of iron or steel, but the most popular is the wooden trellis with a parallel horizontal bar attached to two vertical main bars, or a cross-shaped form of a grid. Wooden flower trellis placed indoors have a long durability as they are less exposed to harsh weather outside. Some flower trellises are designed specifically to match the architecture which brings out a special and luxurious highlight for the house. 

Multifunctional trellis: is a flower trellis that can be assembled, disassembled, resized, and shaped like curled or pressed against the wall of the stairs or shaped like a hanging tower on the handrail. Thanks to its versatility, the multifunctional trellis is popular and used for both flower vines and vertical plants. Some shade-loving plants are suitable for planting in combination with these flower trellises, including kalanchoe, orchids, ferns, betel vine, etc. The owners only need to pay attention to choose trellises from reputable brands to save money and time for assembly and repair. 

3. Flower trellis for gate decoration:
Archway trellis: The archway flower trellis is an iron or steel frame covered with anti-rust plastic, sturdy and durable for flower vines to grow and turn the iron gate into a colorful and attractive entrance for visitors. Classical and luxurious beauty also creates a highlight for the whole house, especially when the owner skillfully takes care of and prunes vines such as climbing roses, wisteria flowers, bougainvillea, etc.

Round obelisk trellis: Possessing a classic design with a pyramidal top and four vertical pillars creating a round frame, the round obelisk flower trellis is a great choice for houses with classic designs. This kind of trellis is mainly used for flowers that grow straight. Depending on the type of flower, the owner chooses a trellis with the appropriate height, but it is advisable to choose a trellis made of steel with a plastic coating to withstand harsh weather.

Classical round obelisk flower trellis Classical round obelisk flower trellis 

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