Garden supplies to design gardens for townhouses


Despite limited space, many urban families still want to bring trees and nature into their homes because of different interests or meanings. Thanks to the support of many types of garden supplies, you can completely design a green garden for your house space. Let's refer to some suggestions for indoor garden styles and suggestions on how to choose the right garden supplies for each style.

1. Some garden styles for townhouses:

Garden at the foot of the stairs: The space under the stairs is often used as a warehouse, a restroom can now be replaced with a small garden landscape. To save time on care and cleaning, a dry garden is the optimal solution, a few small pots of shade-tolerant plants and a few decorative accessories for a more lively garden.

Rooftop vegetable garden: The terrace is the most abundant position in the house to receive wind and sunshine. Pay attention to the most airy and well-lit garden corner of the day for growing heat-tolerant vegetables, conversely, spices, shade-tolerant, fragile plants should be placed away from the wind. Even the terrace is too narrow in area, it is still possible to take advantage of a white wall with a soft mesh set for squash and cucumber.

Garden at the skylight: The skylight has the advantage of being the most illuminated place in the tube houses and townhouses. Possessing an important element needed for a garden, this is a convenient location to plant trees and create green space. If your house has a large, bright skylight, you should create a small sun-loving garden, if the area is too narrow, you can attach potted plants to the wall or the stairs.

2. Suggestions for using garden supplies in the design of townhouse gardens:

For the garden at the foot of the stairs, some garden supplies are needed to design a dry garden, including plant pots, wheeled pots, and watering cans. You can choose round pots or rectangular pots. The size of the pot depends on the type of tree, tall straight plants should choose a pot equal to 1/3 of the height of the tree, with low trees, spread out, choose a low pot that holds less water, causing waterlogging of the roots.

Indoor plants often lack light, so they also need to be taken outside occasionally. Therefore, you should choose a pot of durable plastic material when placed outside, light and easy to carry. For heavy plants, place a base with wheels under the pot for easy movement. The handheld misting watering can help you manually adjust the amount of watering according to each type of plant, according to the season.

A corner of the dry garden at the foot of the stairs (Image source: internet)

With a terrace vegetable garden, you need to buy garden supplies such as vegetable trays, iron or steel frames and automatic watering systems: The most popular vegetable growing tray today has a durable, heat-resistant composite material. Place the tray in a position to receive light for plants and vegetables to grow. With a large terrace, you divide each area for each crop and leave small aisles for watering, fertilizing, and cleaning the garden. With a small but open garden space in height, you can connect an iron or steel frame into several floors and put a vegetable tray on it, or hang a plastic tray on the wall, balcony support, pay attention to the right amount of potting soil in the pot so that the pot does not buckle or fall or break. Installing an automatic irrigation system with a timer saves time and helps to adjust the amount of water just right, the plants are not waterlogged or lack of moisture.

The terrace garden needs an iron frame and a vegetable tray (Image source: internet)

For a garden with a narrow space, it is not convenient to place trays, pots or bulky climbing persimmons, a small pot and a steel bamboo stick will help you satisfy your desire to have the simplest flower growing frame. You choose a narrow and high pot, using a steel bamboo tube with a diameter of 8-10mm with a sharp tip that can easily be plugged into the pot is enough to turn into a soft climbing stand for star flowers, butterfly peas. For larger plants, you can use more pots and combine 3-4 16mm or 20mm diameter bars to form a solid window, horizontal or round frame. Don't forget the truss reinforcement accessories. The cross coupler is useful in connecting rods and piles.

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