Guidance for choosing suitable vines trellis


Vines are known for their easy-to-grow, easy-care and especially create green living space for apartments or private houses. For vines to grow healthy, choosing a suitable trellis is an important step, especially for vines planted in narrow spaces. Let's take a look at some simple tips to choose and effectively use the vine trellis.

1. Why should we use the vines trellis?

Vines are not a group of plants family but rather a term for plants that share a similar form that grows on soil and climbs trees or other vertical structures. When in the natural environment, vines can cling and climb on trees and other objects around to grow, but when they become houseplants, the plants have limited climbing conditions compared to other plants in nature. Therefore, using a vines trellis is important and necessary to help the vines grow in the best way. The vines trellis also helps to shape and support the vines, helping them grow in the shape of the trellis transforming as per the grower's purpose.

Trellis plays an important role in the growth of vines

2. How to choose the suitable vines trellis?

There are many types of trellis made from many materials and have a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Each type of trellis will be suitable for certain types of vines, so the planters need to research carefully to choose exactly the right product for the vines they grow.

a. Pole and frame vines trellis

Pole or frame trellis are often suitable for vines grown in small areas or grown indoors such as betel nut, ivy, Dumb-cane... This plant can grow well in a low light environment, does not require sophisticated care. When using pole or frame trellis for these types of vines, you need to fix the trellis in a sturdy pot so that the vines are easier to grip. It is recommended to use the right size trellis for the pot which affects the natural development process. The trellis should not be too large for a small pot and vice versa.

b. Mesh vines trellis

Mesh vines trellis is often used for outdoor vines, in larger areas such as jade vine, chinese wisteria, Cape honeysuckle ... These are sun-loving plants which the canopy thrives. Mesh trellis needs to be more resistant and have enough space for the vines to grip. For the tree to climb up the trellis more easily, it is recommended to choose a trellis with a height of between 1.5m and 2.5m and use the attached poles.

Each type of trellis is suitable for a certain type of vines

Besides choosing the right type of trellis for the plant, it is important to pay attention to the time of installing the vines trellis. The vines should be installed when the vines are young, not yet developed ones because this is the ideal time to orient the growth of the vines.

Where to install the trellis should also be carefully considered. The trellis should be placed in favorable positions, suitable for the growth characteristics of each type of vines for the best development. With Shade Tolerant vines such as Golden Pothos, Ivy…, the stand should be put in places where there is no direct light. Vines with wide canopy, sun-loving such as climbing roses, bougainvillea should be placed in areas with sunlight and large space.

To save costs and help the vines grow the best, you should choose quality vines trellis from reputable brands.

High-quality bell tower trellis by Daim

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