Guidance to choose agricultural supplies for amateur gardeners


Becoming a "farmer" is not easy unless you have some basic understanding of how to plant or how to take care of plants and purchase economical and appropriate agricultural supplies without wasting. Here are suggestions for the amateur gardeners with the most essential garden supplies to make your work easier.

Guidance to choose agricultural materials for the amateur gardeners

1. Protective garden gloves:
During gardening, you must touch soil, garden supplies that can be dirty, sharp thorns, rough objects can make your hands scratch and blister.  Finding a pair of gloves at any agriculture store that fit your hands is the first thing to do. Depending on the purpose, you can choose a pair of gloves with suitable materials:

Rubber gloves: Too wet and cold weather can affect your skin and health, rubber gloves will help protecting those hands best when exposed to water in hours or gardening in cold weather, wet soil.

Leather gloves are often less flexible but thick and suitable for pruning trees, thorny branches, pushing carts, carrying heavy and rough objects without hurting your hands.

Disposable gloves: when dealing with fertilizers, chemicals, disposable medical gloves are the most suitable.

For the "urban farmers" who want to grow a clean vegetable garden at home, a pair of cotton gloves is light enough to protect your hands in all operations such as seeding, weeding, tilling or pruning pest leaves. …

2. Multipurpose garden supplies kit:
The garden supplies kit is not well-known but it will ease your gardening neatly and scientifically. Quickly record to your note these following supporting tools: wide and slim anti-cat network roll for those who have pets. Soft ties and connectors for styling or supporting plants. Steel pipes support weak plants or are used to plant vines from the ground in conditions of small garden area, unable to make large climbing frames. The flexible DIY fence combines steel bars and joints so it can be easily erected, moved and fenced in many different areas, serving a variety of gardening purposes. 

Anti-cat network roll protecting your garden   Anti-cat network roll protecting your garden

3. Watering tools suitable for garden size:
In the list of agricultural supplies, a must-buy tool is a watering can for your vegetable garden if you want a bountiful harvest. For a large garden or a multi-storey and tall garden, a large capacity watering can with a long sprayer misting nozzles is most suitable. For low and smaller gardens, a medium-sized hand-held watering is preferred. About the materials, plastic bottles are lighter and more common, but if you want a more durable and aesthetic bottle, you should think about metal materials with anti-rust coating.

4. Clean soil and soil mix:
Gardening or planting is indispensable for clean soil or soil mix including coir, rice husk and sawdust. The gardeners can also mix nutrient soil and coir, rice husks together to help the soil mix easily drain without leaching all the nutrients of plants. 

5. Seeds:
After you have prepared the soil mix and foundation as a place to nurture plants, you should choose the seeds to plant. Depending on the area of the garden, on the climate and the gardener's purpose, choose the appropriate seeds. With a spacious garden, it is possible to plant trees, fruit trees, perennials and intercrop with fast-growing vegetables or a rig of cucumbers, gourds, melons, etc. With a narrow garden area and the purpose of growing clean vegetables, water spinach, lettuce, spinach, and amaranth are the most popular and easy to grow for those who is "beginner" in gardening.

6. Do not forget the types of trellis and frames for plants:
A garden on a narrow corner of balcony or a comfortable terrace will hardly become a true vegetable garden without the help of different sized trellis and frames for plants. If you choose to plant a flower garden, you can use a flower trellis or a multi-purpose frame with durable materials, easy to disassemble and flexible. An A-frame or coiled net is a good choice for those who plant vines clinging to the wall.

The above items are extremely popular, so it is not too difficult to find at agricultural supplies stores. The most important thing is to choose a good brand that ensures the quality and has a variety of affordable garden supplies that help the gardeners becoming a great "farmer" in no time.

Currently Daim manufactures and distributes plant and flower support items that are trusted by many professional gardeners. You can rest assured to choose the right product for your needs without worrying about quality.

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