Guidance to choose planter kit for small balcony


Nowadays, the market for planter kit is pretty diverse, each type of product has a purpose and is suitable for different garden spaces. The following article guides you on how to choose planter kit for a balcony garden with limited area.

1. Space saving planter kit: 

White plastic fence pot 
White plastic fence pot is the first choice for a balcony with limited area. With compact design, saving space at balcony area, white plastic fence pot is often arranged close to the railings, refreshing views and making your garden space larger. Plus, the white plastic design will reduce the heat as the fence surrounding plants. It can be arranged on the floor or hung on the balcony. In case you want to have more plants, you can take advantages of the railing’s height to arrange more pots at suitable distances. 

There are currently many rectangular models 15cm to 30cm in height, with various sizes for different types of plants and flowers. The fence is made of Wood Plastic Composite, combining the traits of wood pulp and plastic resulting in an end product that is flexible, waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean and can stay durable for over 5 years. The composite pot is also a solution to termites and the inflexibility of normal pots.

Space saving planter kit

Space saving planter kit

Mesh frame for climbing plants:
Planting flowering vines is another method to expand the balcony space and give your house more greenery. For the newbies, choose a mesh frame made of stainless steel coated in plastic, which is easier to move and install. If your balcony has limited area, this flexibility can provide much more ease to create an aesthetic design. Especially, with mesh frames, you can make the most out of your walls and windows for vines such as gourds, squash, melons, climbing roses, and royal flowers.

You should choose mesh frames that are 2mm in diameter, with high durability to handle high heat, lasting rains and leakage. Moreover, mesh frames are one of the safest and nature-friendly planter kit. Therefore, it is also safe to grow vegetables without worrying about rust to affect your health.

Wall hanging planter

Wall hanging planter

Wall hanging planter

Pre-built planter kit are an excellent choice for the newbies to deal with limited area in their balcony. You should choose a wall hanging planter with a drip irrigation system installed to familiar yourself with gardening without the need of regular tools.

2. Tips on choosing planter kit for your balcony:
For open areas like the balcony, planter kit must be made of materials that can withstand the weather to limit the cost and effort of repair. There is also a need for the colors of the products to harmonize with their designs, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
Plants on the balcony are usually fast-growing vegetables or small decorative plants, so they can be replaced frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to use light planter kit that are convenient to carry and move.

Choosing a reputable brand of garden supplies is also a factor that determines quality. A great brand, qualified products, and a wide distribution system are things to consider.

Daim is a trustworthy brand of garden supplies from Japan with a manufacture process based on practical demands of the gardeners. Our products are of the best quality, trusted by both amateurs and professionals. 

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