Guidances for choosing plant supporting frame


Plant supporting frame is known for its main functions as a fence, a frame to support stems and branches, as well as a steady pillar for vines to cling to and grow. In addition, it is also used to decorate your home garden. Currently, there are many types of plant supporting frame on the market that are specifically designed for different types of plants. Each type is made of different material that is also suitable for different climates and planting locations. Here are some suggestions on familiar plant supporting frame and how to choose the right frame for plants.

1. Plant supporting frame for vines: 
The most suitable type of frame for growing vines is archway and grid frame.
The archway frame is fixed and shaped for the vines to grow well for a long time. When choosing a plant supporting frame you should observe and choose a frame that has a proper size to fit in the gate or balcony, made of sturdy iron, covered with anti-rust paint. A removable frame will be even more convenient to transport or change the position of the plants.

Flower arch is a sturdy pillar for blooming roses Flower arch is a sturdy pillar for blooming roses

The grid plant supporting frame is the second suggestion if the garden or balcony space is quite small or limited in width. The grid frame should be placed close to the wall, close to the fence to decorate and fill the gap, or placed in the middle of the garden as a highlight. You can refer to some types of iron or rope grid frames below. 

In case of growing plants on a balcony or in a garden with strong sunlight, you should choose an iron plant supporting frame with anti-rust paint or plastic wrap, high durability from reputable and quality brands.
If the vines are grown on a shady balcony, or with a covered wall, choose a grid or plastic frame. This type of frame is more flexible and lighter than the iron frame, and it is easy to hang in many narrow and rugged locations.

2. Plant supporting frame for woody plants:
The round obelisk frame is for the vertical plant that is favored by those who love a classical English garden style. You should take note of a few features such as the frame height to fit the plant, but not too low that prevent the growth of the plant. It is recommended to choose a frame with many loops around and the pyramidal top is about 1m6 to 2m compared to the frame bottom.

Round obelisk frame fixing the plant shape Round obelisk frame fixing the plant shape

3. Plant supporting frame for vegetables:
Taking advantage of a white wall or a corner of the balcony, installing a wall-mounted vegetable frame to create a food supply for the family is a great idea. On the market, there are many types of wall frames such as frames made of PP plastic or wood. A set of the predesigned plastic frame includes multiple vertical tiers, with built-in planters and a wall-mounting drip irrigation kit. There is also a set of multi-potted planters installed around the main axis and overlapped into several floors for narrow garden space. Whether a high or low frame, how many floors and how many pots for each floor, it depends on the needs of each family to grow vegetables and depends on the garden area. 

Plant supporting frame for vegetables Plant supporting frame for vegetables

A set plant supporting frames, which is pre-designed from wood or created from pallets, is suitable for those who love a rustic and natural style. Vegetables are grown in wooden frames will ensure health safety. Another advantage of a wooden frame is its high durability, especially when the garden is sunny or in an area of harsh, erratic weather. Short-term vegetables are often grown in these types of frames such as lettuce, spinach, spinach, spices, etc.

It is not too difficult to buy a plant supporting frame through websites or e-commerce sites. However, the new gardeners will find it confusing and difficult to choose among so many frame brands and different prices. Ask the experienced gardeners or check the frames yourself at reputable garden supply stores, and also ask for more advice to get the best choice for your garden.

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