Guide to choosing green garden supplies for vines – Where to buy green garden supplies


Vines have the advantage of taking up less space and land for planting, have a wide coverage, easy to shape, and orient the vines according to the wishes of the gardener. Let's find out some beautiful places to grow vines and how to choose and buy green garden supplies to grow and care for the most appropriate vines.

1. Some locations for growing vines:

Flower vines are often used to decorate gates, balconies, to grow fences, or to cover an empty wall. Balconies often have railings around them for vines to cling to, and balconies in the light also receive direct sunlight to help plants grow.

In addition, the vines have strong growth, good resistance to sunlight and rain, so you are completely suitable for planting in the fence. Making the most of a wall in front of or behind the house, creating a green patch is also the optimal solution to reduce the summer heat and soften the concrete block of the house. Choose the planting location that you like best at home and buy the most suitable green garden supplies

2. Guide to buying green garden supplies for vines:

a. Choose the available frame for the fixed planter:

Wall vines such as climbing roses, bougainvillea need sturdy, high, and wide frame surfaces for maximum growth of vines. You should choose knock-down round obelisk or Round Obelisk which are suitable for balcony decorative vines, depending on the height of the balcony and the florist's preferences, choose a frame size from 1.2m to 2.2m. . For convenience of moving, expanding the size when the vines grow, Easy Trellis is another option. The advantage of Easy Trellis is that it can be freely edited and shaped to best fit the space.

Knock-down round obelisk is suitable for vines.

b. Choose pipes and joints to expand flower supports

Some flower gate frames have been covered and need to be enlarged, the flower gate set is a useful garden supplies. The joints are flexible, easy to disassemble and convenient for home operation. Each set of connecting pipes helps to increase 30cm in height or expand the frame, depending on the need for expansion, choose one or more frames.

In addition to the available frames, you can create a large contact surface frame for vines to grow, so you should refer to the set of U-shaped arch pipes. Choose from 5-10 U-tubes depending on the size of the garden and mounted in line, fixed by crossbars and joints. When you need to narrow the frame or expand the climbing area for flowers, you just need to flexibly remove or install more U-tubes. Cover a soft mesh to increase the area of the climbing plant.

The U-shaped arch tube is flexible when framing vines.

When covering more nets, or insect-shielding cloths, garden clamps are needed to fix the nets and fabrics to steel bars and pipes. Choose a light-colored clamp, which has many adjustable levels for loose or tight. Currently, on the market, there are durable UV-resistant plastic clips, good heat resistance to limit brittleness and breakage. If you cover a large pole with a net, buy more garden ropes made of small, soft ropes to fix the climbing stems to the poles and make them easy to manipulate.

Green garden supplies from Daim with Japanese standard production process can be applied in many different street garden styles. Daim planting tools are distributed at garden supplies stores in Ho Chi Minh City to help you own the garden you want at the most reasonable cost. To buy garden supplies in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact us for timely advice.

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