How to build a vegetable trellis for a small house


Owning a clean vegetable garden at home is the desire of many families, but to find a suitable model for narrow garden space or in urban apartment buildings is a big obstacle. Let's find out some ways to make a simple, convenient and efficient way to grow clean vegetables at home through the wall trellis model.

1. What is a vertical garden?
Vertical garden is a modern way to build a vegetable trellis at home, which is popularly applied on most families in urban areas, apartments with a small area for satisfying the need of growing vegetables at home.

Vegetables are grown on a “garden” consisting of a trellis frame, soil containers such as plastic pots, cloth bags, plastic pipes with clean nutrient soil, watering systems, all of which are mounted on the wall.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical gardens compared to other models?
Growing vegetables in a vertical garden can take advantage of the walls, balcony or terrace with abundant sunlight to provide safe and organic vegetables for families. In addition, vertical garden is a way to build a vegetable trellis at home, which is useful for air conditioning in high-rise apartments lacking green trees, creating more landscapes for houses or apartments.

Building a vegetable trellis at home which is designed in the form of vertical garden also takes advantage of plastic bottles, jars, and containers that are considered household waste, reducing the amount of environmental waste, reducing costs and making the garden more colorful. 

The challenging problem is that building a vegetable trellis at home in the form of vertical garden model requires some specialized tools to install on the wall to ensure durability, sturdiness and neatness and aesthetics.
A vegetable garden “growing” on the wall

A vegetable garden “growing” on the wall

3. How to build a vegetable trellis at home in the form of vertical garden:

Selection of tools and materials:
Cloth bags are extremely environmentally friendly materials. However, such material has a short shelf life when exposed to sunlight and long-term watering, so it is suitable for short-term vegetables or cloth bags should be replaced regularly.
Plastic bottles, water pipes are also effective support tools that significantly reduce the cost of building a vegetable trellis at home. 

Gutters and pipes that are no longer in use are also suitable to build a “quality” vegetable trellis.
Wall mounted wooden pots are also a worthy suggestion as they create a neater and more luxurious and aesthetic garden.
The drip watering system is extremely important because it minimizes the effort of watering or in case the “garden owner” is away for a long time or accidentally forgets to water the vegetables, the garden is still green.
  A vegetable trellis with eco-friendly cloth bags

A vegetable trellis with eco-friendly cloth bags

Design process and method to build a vegetable trellis at home:
Choose the material of the vegetable trellis is the first step as suggested above.
Choose the size of the plastic pot or cloth bag that is suitable for the type of vegetables to be grown. For example, herbs, spices and sprouts should be grown in small pots or cloth bags, year-round vegetables and vegetables which need more nutrients should be grown in large pots, made of stronger PP plastic.

Choose clean, nutrient-rich soil. Currently, varieties of seeding medium or nutrient soil are available on the market.
Install a drip watering system or choose a watering can and clean water source. Watering system is an important factor that cannot be ignored to maintain a healthy and green vegetable garden.

4. Some notes on how to build a clean vegetable trellis at home:
The installation location of a vegetable trellis needs to have enough sunlight. The joints and welds in the vegetable trellis should be regularly checked to early detect damage for reinforcement and repair. Selecting gardening supplies such as plastic pots, wooden bars, shovels, watering cans... which are synchronized in size and design is the most convenient in caring the garden.

Choosing vegetable trellis from reputable and well-known brands in the field of producing agricultural materials is a worthy investment to maintain a green, clean and durable vegetable garden over the years. DAIM owns a factory and production line in compliance with Japanese standards, which can become a companion of “amateur farmers”.


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