How to make a trellis from plastic-coated steel garden stakes


Do you know that just by using plastic-coated steel garden stakes, you can create a variety of frames and vines racks with unique shapes and sizes such as triangular trellis, rectangular trellis, arch trellis ....?

Let's learn the steps to make a simple trellis from plastic-coated steel garden stakes below

1. Necessary items

First, you need to outline in advance the shape of the trellis, the rack that you want to make. Then, you prepare plastic coated steel garden stakes with the right size and shape for the design. On the market, there are several types of steel garden stakes such as straight plastic-coated steel garden stakes, tunnel stakes, U-shaped arch stakes …These stakes are available in various sizes with diameters from 8mm to 20mm, length from 750mm to 2400mm. The stakes with a diameter of 16mm are the most suitable for the trellis since they are sturdy enough and not too heavy.

Besides the plastic-coated steel garden stakes, you also need to prepare additional iron clamps or plastic connectors to fix the steel pipes together, increasing the certainty of the trellis

Plastic coated steel stakes with various sizes

To estimate the number of materials needed, you should sketch the design in a certain proportion to the actual size. For example, if you want to make an arch-shaped trellis with a height of 2m, you draw the design with a scale of 1:10 compared with the real size, it means the height in the sketch should be 20cm. Then based on the sketch to calculate the total amount of materials to use. This will help you determine the exact number of plastic-coated steel stakes needed, avoiding waste or shortage when implementing.

2. Steps to make a trellis from plastic-coated steel garden stakes

To successfully make a trellis from plastic coated steel garden stakes, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Make the frame

The frame is an important part to be able to shape the trellis. Based on your sketch, assemble the plastic-coated steel garden stake into the frame. Firmly fixing the steel garden stakes together will make the frame more solid and prolong the life of the trellis. Most plastic-coated steel garden stakes have cross-shaped connectors or iron clamps to fix them together, but you should still reinforce the connectors with thin zinc wire or iron wire to make the trellis more secure.

Proceed to make the frame of the trellis first (illustration)

Step 2: Fix the frame to the potted plant or installation place

Usually, the trellis and support frames will be fixed to the potted plants or surrounding areas to increase the firmness and facilitate the growth of the vines. When making your own trellis, you should fix the frame to the potted plant or to other locations such as the balcony, depending on where you plant the vines. Fixing the frame first will make it easier for you to manipulate when fixing a complete set of trellis.

Not only that, fixing the frame in advance will help you determine whether the trellis fits the installation place or not so that it can be easily adjusted if the frame is not suitable.

Fix the frame to the installation place (illustration)

Step 3: Complete the vines trellis

After you have fixed the frame in a suitable position, you should proceed to install the remaining details of the trellis to the frame and fix them firmly with zinc wire or iron wire.

With just these very simple operations, you can make by yourself a suitable trellis for your home garden.

Lovely trellis from plastic coated steel garden stakes

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