How to take care the garden - 5 common mistakes


For a gardener, building a successful garden is not only limited at completing the garden, but also maintain the garden in its greenest state. This requires a lot of effort from the garden owner. New gardeners often find difficult on how to take care the garden well. In the journey of building a dreamy garden, there are 5 common mistakes encountered by new gardeners in taking care of their garden.

Failure to check soil nutrients and moisture regularly
Many people often think that they just need to prepare good soil at the beginning of planting, but in fact, after a while, the soil will run out of nutrients, leading to stunted and underdeveloped plants. Therefore, you need to check and supplement nutrients to the soil every 3 to 6 months. You should prepare fertilizers, rice husks, coconut powder and other nutrients to supplement the soil. In case plants growing in small pots with arid and unrecoverable soil, soil replacement may be considered.
Along with nutrients, soil moisture should be taken into account. When plants change their colors, turn into yellowish brown, and the soil is likely to lack moisture. The moisture also changes seasonally, so it is important to observe plants in the dry season to timely supplement moisture.

High density planting
Many gardeners make the mistake of high density planting. Each plant needs a good space to grow and thrive. Planting trees too thick, too close together is also the main reason leading to easy entry of pests.
High density planting also obscures the light and prevents the plant from growing evenly. You may easily find out if you grow too thick or not by looking at the color of the leaves. In a garden with high density of plants, the leaves are light green and branches are more spindly than normal trees.  High density planting prevents the growth of plants                                                       High density planting prevents the growth of plants

Choose poor quality garden supplies
If garden supplies such as nets, garden ropes, trusses are not properly selected, the growth of plants will be affected. Garden ropes made of poor material will break easily after a period of use, resulting in interruption and expensive cost. Sometimes, climbing trellis or ropes are broken, causing damage to plants and slow growth of plants

Choose good garden supplies to ensure the quality of your plants Choose good garden supplies to ensure the quality of your plants

Wrong watering
Watering is an extremely important step in the process of taking care of your garden. Gardeners must observe and supply the proper amount of water to the plants. Overwatering may cause waterlogging, the roots may die easily or fungi may grow. Underwatering may lead to dry, stunted plants, and they will die after a long period. 
If possible, you may invest in watering system water with default volume and timers so that the plants can be watered on time. Appropriate watering times are normally in the early morning or late afternoon. When taking care of your garden, you should pay attention to the drainage system. Failure of the drainage system may cause the accumulation of salt, which inhibits plant growth. This can be observed through the white crust on the wall of the pot.

The garden position should also be taken into account. If plant or garden is located near the radiator, the plants will wilt due to dehydration. Therefor garden space should be noted, especially in apartment buildings in the city where the choices are limited.

Lack of attention to pests
In addition to nutritional supplement, garden care also requires checking for bugs, fungi or other signs on leaves and stems for detecting pests and timely treatment. According to the experience of longtime gardeners, it is possible to plant a combination of herbs such as Asian Basil... to keep pests out of your garden.

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