Simple ways to make a trellis with plastic pipes at home


Nowadays, people tend to grow their own vegetable garden at home. Growing vegetables at home will help us control the quality of vegetables, we will always have clean vegetables to use. However, it requires a suitable place to grow, especially some climbing plants such as gourds, squash, melons, cucumbers, or bitter melons that need a trellis. Let's learn how to make a trellis with plastic pipes at home through this article.

Materials to make a trellis with plastic pipes

There are many different types of trellis for growing vegetables at home, such as wooden, iron, or plastic. Among them, the plastic pipe trellis is being used by many people because of its simple way of making. Besides, materials are also easy to find. To make a trellis with plastic pipes, you need to prepare some basic materials as follows:

● Plastic pipes
● Plastic pipe connector
● Thin gardening nets
● Steel wire, soft garden wire

Depending on the size of the trellis you want to make, the homeowner should choose the appropriate size of plastic pipes. At the same time, you should also pay attention to choosing 3-angle plastic pipe connectors to connect and fix plastic pipes easier and more securely.

A-Frame trellis is suitable for growing gourds, squash, melons, cucumbers, and bitter melon….

Details of how to make a trellis with plastic pipes

The steps to make a trellis with plastic pipes at home are quite simple. Here are the details of how to make an A-Frame trellis with plastic pipes that you can refer to:

Step 1: Make the trellis frame.

To make a trellis frame, you need to prepare 4 plastic pipes of equal size. Depending on the area of the vegetable growing area, the homeowner can adjust the length of the plastic pipe to the best fit. Please note that the trellis should not be made too low because it will limit the space for growing vegetables, the trellis should be at least 1.2m high.

 Let's use a 3-angle plastic pipe connector to fix the two plastic pipes together in the shape of an A. Do the same with the remaining 2 plastic pipes, we will have 4 pillars of the trellis.

 Then use another long plastic pipe to connect the two pillars just made to complete the basic frame of the trellis

 Step 2: Finish the trellis

 After completing the frame, we will proceed to the next step to finish the trellis. Please use the appropriate length of plastic pipes to fix to the two ends of the trellis frame, do the same for both sides of the trellis. Remember to use steel wire or soft garden wire to firmly fix the plastic pipes together.

 Then use a thin gardening net to cover the entire trellis and fix the net to the frame. Finally, you have completed an extremely simple A-shaped vegetable-growing trellis.

 Depending on the area of the place for the trellis, the owner can fix the trellis to the ground or leave it on the stone or brick floor. If you leave the trellis on a stone or brick foundation, remember to attach the trellis to the surrounding areas such as walls or railings, even if the trellis is firmly fixed.

Daim’s soft garden wire to fix the stems to the trellis

Daim tools effectively support the process of making trellis with plastic pipes

To have a sturdy and durable plastic pipe trellis, besides using high-quality plastic pipes, you should also use good quality fixed wire products such as steel wire, or soft garden wire, which play an important role in keeping the trellis steady. Therefore, if you use poor quality steel wire or garden wire, it will make the connection unstable, after a period of use, the wire may break, causing the trellis to be damaged.

Currently, Daim is providing soft garden wires made from nature-safe materials. Daim products are durable, can be used for a long time, and very suitable for making trellis. You can use Daim's soft wires to fix your climbing rig more firmly. In addition, you can also use this soft garden wire product to fix the stem to the trellis helping the plants grow best. Please visit the website to learn more information about this product.

You can see that making a trellis with plastic pipes is not difficult at all. We hope this article has helped you learn how to make your own trellis at home.

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