The fastest way to make vegetable trellis with plastic pipes


Growing vegetable at home is a popular trend that many people use to supply themselves and their family with healthy greens. Home vegetable garden allows you to maintain good quality and reduce the negative health impacts of eating low-quality veggies that may still include pesticide and fertilizer residue. In addition, growing vegetable at home is simple and easy to make.

In this article, we will find out the popular way to make vegetable trellis with plastic pipes.

Necessary materials

The plastic pipes are the main and most important material for making a vegetable trellis with plastic pipes. The gardeners can choose the ideal size to make based on the necessity of using vegetable trellis. The gardeners who don't have many criteria for small vegetable trellises, therefore plastic pipes with a diameter of 5 to 7 cm are an option. Besides, for larger vegetable trellises require more vegetables, the gardeners should choose plastic pipe with a greater diameter, from 10 cm to 15 cm to maintain the stability of the vegetable trellis. It is recommended to measure the size of the vegetable trellis first so that you can select the proper measures of plastic pipes.

Plastic pipes are main items for making vegetable trellis

In addition to plastic pipes, various materials such as wooden or steel stakes, steel wires, soft garden wires, plastic-coated steel stakes, pliers, saws, and scissors are also required. These are all common materials that the gardeners can use to strengthen vegetable trellises.

Way to make vegetable trellis with plastic pipes at home

Step 1: Make a vegetable trellis frame

The first step of way to make a vegetable trellis with plastic pipes is to design a trellis frame. With wooden or steel stakes, the trellis frame should be shaped in a triangle. This is the main structure of the vegetable trellis, so it is important to use materials that are the proper size for the growing area and fix them with screws or steel wires.

Vegetable trellis frame model

Step 2: Make vegetable troughs with plastic pipes

 Making vegetable troughs is the second step of the way to make vegetable trellises with plastic pipes. With plastic pipes vegetable trellis, the soil is placed inside the pipes, and grow the vegetables. In this environment, vegetables will also thrive and grow. To make troughs, cut holes in the plastic pipes body with sharp knives, saws, or scissors. To ensure that the vegetables have enough space to grow, it is necessary to drill holes that are large (10 to 15 cm in diameter), with each hole being spaced 3 to 5 cm apart.

Vegetable troughs made from plastic pipes

With plastic pipes, the gardeners can make three or five more vegetable troughs, depending on their needs. However, it should be fit with the length of the trellis frame.

Step 3: Attach plastic pipes to the trellis frame

Attaching plastic pipes to the trellis frame is the last step of way to make vegetable trellis with plastic pipes. Start attaching the vegetable troughs to the previously made trellis frame once you have finished the vegetable troughs. To ensure that the vegetable trellis is steady, it is recommended to use steel wires and soft garden wires.

With those few easy steps, anyone can make their own plastic pipe vegetable trellis at home.

Finished vegetable trellis with plastic pipes

Daim tools effectively support making vegetable trellis

Besides knowing the way to make vegetable trellis with plastic pipes, the gardeners will be able to efficiently complete garden works if they use smart, practical materials and tools. Using plastic pipes to make a vegetable trellis will be easier and more effective. Daim offers gardening tools including soft garden wires, iron clamps, and plastic-coated steel stakes.
Each Daim gardening tool is meticulously researched before being designed and produced with the goal of making the process of growing and caring plant easier. Ensuring that each product, when it reaches the users, is beneficial, practical, and will greatly support the users throughout agricultural production.

Daim’s iron clamps effectively support to make vegetable trellis

By using high quality material during manufacturing, the tools will have high durability, capacity, can be used for a very long time, and resistance to environmental effects. The vegetable trellis with plastic pipes has a longer lifespan as a result. Beside these products, Daim also provides a wide range of other gardening tools that make it easier and more effective to cultivate and care for plants.

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The above sharing has shown the way to make vegetable trellis with plastics pipes is not difficult at all. We hope that after this article, you will know the way to make a vegetable trellis with plastic pipes and can carry out it at home.

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