Tips to choose quality tunnel stakes for row covers


Weather and environment have a significant impact on the cultivation of trees and green crops. Favorable weather will aid in the growth of plants and trees. Plants, on the other hand, will struggle to develop normally in a hostile climate and may even die. As a result, several preventive measures have been implemented in the process of cultivating vegetables or plants in order to minimize negative environmental effects. Row covers are a popular choice among them. Let's learn about the tunnels stakes for row covers and their uses for the growing process through this article.

1. What are the tunnel stakes?

The tunnel stakes, also known as the row covers, are a specialized tool used in agriculture. The tunnel stakes are often combined with nets or non-woven fabrics or nylon to create row covers to help protect trees from harsh weather conditions and pests.

The tunnel stakes can be made from many different materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, or iron. However, currently, plastic-coated steel row covers are being popularly used because they are durable, easy to use, and can withstand harsh weather.


Row covers help protect plants effectively

2. Tips to buy tunnel stakes for row covers

Row covers have a great influence on the development and growth of plants. The row covers protect the plants from the effects of the environment, particularly during weather changes. The row covers also prevent pests and birds from attacking plants. However, for the covers to maximize their use, you also need to make them from high-quality, durable materials. Here are some tips to buy tunnel stakes for the row covers that you can refer to:

● Choose good materials: The tunnel stakes need to have good elasticity, toughness, and easy to bend so that the process of making the row covers more simply, and prevents them from breaking during installation. At the same time, it also helps the row covers to withstand the impact of sunlight and other environmental impacts. Good quality tunnel stakes will have a longer life and can be used for a long time.

● Choose the right size of tunnel stakes: The size of the tunnel stakes is one of the factors that determine the effectiveness of the row covers. If the tunnel stakes is too small, the row covers will not be able to handle the entire planting area and if they are too large, it will take up a lot of unnecessary space. Therefore, you should only choose the tunnel stakes with the right size for the area where you grow plants and vegetables.

● Buy tunnel stakes at reputable shops: You should also buy tunnel stakes at reputable shops to get the best quality products. Besides the tunnel stakes, you should also choose the materials of the row covers that are suitable with environmental conditions. Depending on the weather, the materials used will also be different. For example, in the rainy season, you can use non-woven fabrics to protect plants from heavy rains. This fabric has the effect of blocking UV rays and does not cause heat radiation to the plant. Or in the winter, you should use materials with good heat retention like nylon because they can help stabilize the temperature inside the row covers.

The row covers are widely used and popular nowadays

3. How to make a row cover from the tunnel stakes

Making a row cover from the tunnel stakes to protect plants is quite simple and easy to do. First, you need to prepare materials including tunnel stakes, nylon or mesh cover, wires.

Step 1: Fix the tunnel stakes to the bed

You need to plug the tunnel stakes close to the two sides of the bed road, the depth is about 15cm to 20cm depending on the hardness of the soil. Do not insert the tunnel stakes too deeply because it will reduce the height of the row covers.

Step 2: Tie non-woven fabric, nylon, or mesh cover to the tunnel stakes

After you have plugged the tunnel stakes into the bed to create the basic frame of the canopy, spread the non-woven fabric, nylon, and mesh along with the tunnel stakes and then tie the wire to fix them to the stakes. Please note that you should leave a part of nylon/mesh left 40cm to 50cm long to cover the entire bed at the beginning and end of the bed.

Step 3: Fix the row cover

After you have tied the non-woven fabric, nylon, or mesh cover to the tunnel stakes, you need to fix the row covers with heavy objects such as wooden stakes or bricks and stones along the two sides of the bed. This will prevent the row covers from flying or being lifted in strong winds.

Note: it is not recommended to cover the entire plant 24 hours a day. Instead, you should open the row covers a few hours a day to allow air circulation and help balance the humidity in the covers. It will prevent it from too much remaining water, which increases humidity, creating conditions for pathogens to grow.

Daim offers quality tunnel stakes in a variety of sizes

4. The quality tunnel stakes of Daim

 Among the materials of row covers, the tunnel stakes are an important factor, significantly affecting the quality of the covers. Normally, stakes can be made from many materials such as plastic, wood, or steel… however, among them, plastic-coated steel stakes are the top favorite because of their high durability. Daim is currently providing high-quality plastic-coated steel tunnel stakes with many different sizes, making it easier for you to choose the suitable one for your plants.

Tunnel stakes of DAIM are good quality and durable

Daim's tunnel stakes are made from materials that are safe for nature and human health and have absolutely no adverse effects on the environment. Especially with the application of Japanese technology in the production process, Daim tunnels stakes also have a long life and can be used for a long time. After the crop is over, you can store it and use it for the next crop.
Besides, the price of this product is also reasonable, suitable for many customers. Please visit website for more detailed information about Daim products.

Above is all of our sharing about Daim tunnel stakes products as well as some simple ways to make your own row covers. Hope this article has provided you with more useful information.

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