Smart garden supplies for bending mini bonsai at home


One of the ornamental plant hobbies is bonsai, which has become popular recently. These days, the ornamental gardeners in general and the bonsai gardeners in particular frequently often like creating their own mini bonsai planters to make miniatures for the home.
In this article, DAIM will share the simple ways and essential garden supplies for bending bonsai!

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Smart garden items for bending mini bonsai at home Smart garden items for bending mini bonsai at home 

1. Bonsai never out of style
The art of bonsai planting allows the gardeners to express their enthusiasm while also satisfying their passion for ornamental plants. The delicate and elegant planter is a vibrant work of art that adds to the beauty of life after thorough shaping. With just a few smart garden supplies, you can entirely grow your own bonsai at home nowadays.

Bonsai is known as a Chinese word that refers to dwarf plants grown in small planters. Chinese people use this plant for house decoration to glow up their living space. The special ability of this plant to survive in low light conditions and remain green.  Depending on the gardeners, they can live in long time and grow a unique shape.

After 1975, bonsai was just recently introduced to Vietnam. In the past, only those with good financial conditions could afford this hobby. However, there are now more varieties of bonsai, including mini bonsai, a convenient choice for the households with limited space and special care.

Besides choosing tree varieties, the bonsai gardeners are highly interested in shaping the tree. After a period of bending, a lovely planter is, as mentioned above, the gardener's heart. Some garden supplies are essential to the bonsai gardener in order to achieve the expected shape.

If you are a newbie to this hobby, let's follow the suggestions below to grow your own mini bonsai at home!

 The bonsai gardeners have to use some gardening items to bend the expected shape The bonsai gardeners have to use some gardening items to bend the expected shape

2. Simple ways and support items for bending bonsai
Three principles must be followed when shaping a mini bonsai: thoroughness, structure, and balance. This is done to provide overall balance between the miniatures, ground, height, and canopy. In order for a tree to be balanced, its root, stem, and top must be harmony with the planter's height and size.
Bonsai shaping is challenging of itself, mini bonsai bending is much more difficult due to the thin, short branches that demand the gardeners’ full attention. To ensure precise steps, you need to use specialist garden supplies.

You must first clearly visualize the ideal tree shape before tying and slowly bending a thin wire around it. The first strong branch, which should be flat and lying precisely where you want the canopy to be, should be the third from the bottom. Next branch will be a smaller one (i.e. no longer than the selected strong branch).

The expected shape of the tree must be clearly visualized The expected shape of the tree must be clearly visualized

About the bonsai bending items, you can refer to the list below:
Scissors for cutting and pruning
Zinc or thin metal wire: Garden stakes, tunnel stakes
Stems support clips: Crossband connector, garden easy clamps

3. Daim - Reputable supplier for smart garden supplies 
To grow your own bonsai at home, choose from a variety of goods at Daim Vietnam, a famous supplier of gardening tools in Japan. We always offer the highest quality smart gardening supplies with unique technology to solve gardening issues.

In an effort to make gardening simpler, we keep introducing multifunctional gardening tools to the market. The gardening supplies from Daim are designed with quality and focused in convenience, making it ideal for most gardening tasks. 

We do not offer warranties for garden supplies because they are designed for outdoor use and it based on the requirements and usage of our customers. However, we are dedicated to offering free advice and ready to respond to any inquiries that the customers may have regarding how to use the product!

Especially, Daim Vietnam currently has a free shipping policy for orders totaling VND 800,000 and above. Add the bonsai bending items to the cart right now and let Daim help you make beautiful bonsai planters!

Daim Vietnam, a famous supplier of gardening supplies in Japan
Daim Vietnam, a famous supplier of gardening supplies in Japan

The above-mentioned article shared some guidelines for bending mini bonsai and providing information on gardening supplies you need to prepare. Although styling the tree is difficult, the result will definitely excite you. Contact Daim Vietnam now, and we will accompany you to design excellent planters and make gardening simpler.

Articles and images are compiled by Daim Vietnam.


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