Do you know the effective way to make vegetable trellis using plastic pipes?


As these methods provide healthy and safe products, growing vegetables at home or in plastic pipes is a trend that many people enjoy. Therefore, to have a fresh vegetables garden you need to know the most effective way to make a vegetable trellis using plastic pipes.

However, growing vegetables is not only about planting seeds, but you also need to use standard techniques and tools. So, what tools are required, and what are the steps to a vegetable trellis? Join DAIM to learn more about useful tips through the following article.

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Vegetable trellis brings you fresh and healthy productsVegetable trellis brings you fresh and healthy products


1. Necessary garden supplies for making a vegetable trellis
Before making a vegetable trellis, you need to prepare necessary supplies as follows: 
● Hand drill, drill bits (choose a drill bit with appropriate size to create a large enough surface for plants to grow)
● Silicone glue, PVC glue
● Plastic pipes for trellis (appropriate length and width)
● Planting soil (with looseness, porosity and nutrients)
● Iron and steel wires, plastic wires to support the trellis, nuts, screws, etc.
● Planting seeds that you want to sow

Besides, you should get more preparations to provide nutrients for plants such as fertilizers, hydroponic nutrient, etc. Seeds must be carefully chosen; damaged or flat seeds, etc. must be removed.

Before making vegetable trellis, you need to prepare planting seedsBefore making vegetable trellis, you need to prepare planting seeds


2. Simple way to make a vegetable trellis using plastic pipes at home
Making a vegetable trellis using plastic pipes is simple. You may customize your indoor vegetable garden as you want with just a few high-quality PVC pipes. You can refer to the following process for growing vegetables at home using plastic pipes:

Step 1: The plastic pipe should be thoroughly cleaned and kept in a dry, well-ventilated area. You need to prepare PVC pipes that are strong and durable enough to withstand environment impacts since this is the main material for holding soil and growing plants.

Step 2: Disassemble the pipe body. Before hanging the pipe, measure the length of the wall. The tube's length should hang neatly on the trellis and give a generous area for fertilizing and watering.

Step 3: With the way to make the vegetable trellis using plastic pipes, you must use a hand drill to have suitable holes. In addition, you need to drill more drainage holes in the plastic pipe's bottom (arranging the position of the holes appropriately is necessary, avoid making too many or too few holes).

Drill suitable holes for growing vegetablesDrill suitable holes for growing vegetables


Step 4: Fill and spread out the planting soil evenly inside the tube's holes. Reduce soil compaction to keep it loose and breathable, promote strong roots, and make it easier for plants to absorb micronutrients. Additionally, mix the soil in a ratio of 5 parts ground soil to 3 parts substrate and 2 parts fertilizer for better plant growth and fewer pest issues. When pouring soil into the plastic pipe, the thickness should be between 10 and 13 cm.


Well mixing the soil with standard ratio for better growthWell mixing the soil with standard ratio for better growth


Step 5: PVC pipes filled with soil can be hung from a fixed trellis on the wall or from a fence. At that time, you should fix the pipe to the fence using steel wires, strong screws, and be able to endure heavy loads. Your planting pipes won't be tilted or impacted by environmental factors if you use the way to make vegetable trellis using plastic pipes.
Step 6: Plant the seeds, provide water and fertilizer, and make proper plans. Additionally, you must decide if you want to grow plants that prefer the sun or the shade. You can then decide where to place the PVC pipes.

A fresh, green garden with a variety of fragrant flowers and tasty fruits can be yours whole year with ease if you follow our way to make a vegetable trellis using plastic pipes. For those who are busy, this hobby offers an opportunity to relax while improving the beauty of their living space.

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With only 6 simple steps in the above article, you now know the way to make a vegetable trellis using plastic pipes. If you are concerned about which plant supplier to choose, please contact DAIM right away to instantly create a fresh and green space for your house.

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