Simple tips for planting beautiful gerbera flower pots


In addition to being used as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions, gerberas are now grown in pots at homes as a decorative flower. So how do you pick the best gerbera flowerpots?
Do you have any tips for flower care? Do you know the whole steps of taking care of flowers? To upgrade your understanding, let's check out the article below.

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Gerbera flowerpotsGerbera flowerpots are suitable for house decoration

1. Requirements before planting gerbera
Gerbera is a flower that easily blooms and adapts to different conditions and climates. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for the gerbera flowerpot to grow well and have the most beautiful flowers:

1.1. Identify the conditions for flower growth
The ideal temperature for gerbera flowerpots is 15 to 24 degrees, although it can be more than 20 degrees with grating gerbera varieties. As a result, gerbera may lose its color, stem, leaves, and flowers in conditions below 14 degrees or above 30 degrees, and it may even have a lower capacity for growth than other varieties.

Besides, the humidity of the flower is another factor that needs your attention. The ideal humidity range for gerbera flowerpots is between 55 and 60 % for the air and 60 to 70 % for the soil. Severe drought is especially bad for the plant.

1.2. Choose a suitable pot
If you invest in a flowerpot with nutrient-rich soil, high ventilation, enough humus, and easy drainage on rainy days, your gerbera will grow more healthily. To help the plants absorb the most nutrients, combine coir, peat, sandy soil, and phosphate fertilizers into the soil when growing gerberas.

Avoid harsh light, such as intense direct sunlight, while the plant is in the flowering stage. Keep the plants indoors instead, shorten the amount of time they are exposed, and after they grew, place them on the balcony so they can catch the sunlight.

1.3. Select a high-quality flower variety
Nowadays, Gerberas come from China or Taiwan are healthy varieties which is simple to grow, and suitable for the environmental and climatic conditions in the North of Vietnam. The imported flowers have different colors and shapes that are suitable for your choices.
Plus, you have the option of growing plants through stem splitting or tissue culture. Your gerbera flowerpots will cost more if you use tissue culture plants, but they will last much longer, be in good condition, and consistently produce beautifully big flowers. The price of the splitting stem is lower, but the plant is more vulnerable and has lower quality.

Avoid choosing flower varieties that are prone to illnessAvoid choosing flower varieties that are prone to illness

2. Simple ways to grow gerbera in pots
Planting gerbera flowerpots is quite simple if you know the following tips. Let's get your notebook and write down all the information you need to grow the most stunning gerberas.

Place the gerbera in a flowerpot of the appropriate size so that it is 3 to 5 cm from the pot's mouth. When planting, remember to put the plant in the center of the pot and make it float, and the root should be as tall as the flower's surface. The flowering plant will grow slower and be more prone to stem rot if you plant deeper than the recommended depth.

Once you're done planting, you must water it to keep the flowers moist. You only need to rebuild and add more soil to the base of the plant if the gerbera flower is tilted after watering and is not sitting as straight as it did before.

Start fertilizing the plant four weeks after the gerbera flowerpot was planted. Buffalo Head is the best fertilizer to use. When using, combine fertilizer and water in a ratio of 1 kilogram of fertilizer to 250 liters of water for irrigation. In addition to root fertilization, foliar fertilization also helps improve yield and flower quality.

3. Which products from Daim should we get to easily plant gerbera?
Daim is offering many useful products so that you can grow lovely gerbera flowerpots at home, such as:

3.1. Garden Edging Roll
Garden Edging Roll, which can be used to make borders for flowerpots, will make your garden more attractive and easier to decorate.  The Garden edging roll is made from virgin plastic, which is resistant to rust and corrosion in hard conditions. By using this product, you can create your small flower garden at home.

Garden Edging Roll creates a small at home

Garden Edging Roll creates a small at home


3.2. UELU Skypot Pottery

With the elegant name, the "UELU Skypot Pottery" is a pot with a round-bottom and vertical water supply pot. You may create a delicate and beautiful green living place that follows Japanese standards by planting in UELU Skypot Pottery.

Exclusive UELU Skypot Pottery from Daim VietnamExclusive UELU Skypot Pottery from Daim Vietnam

The product, which has a diameter of 29 cm and a height of 60 cm, drainage holes at the bottom, a steel pipe holder with a plastic coating, and a capacity of 6 liters, is suitable for a wide range of flowers, especially gerberas.

3.3. Anti-Cat Network Roll Slim
Anti-Cat Network Roll Slim is a good barrier for little cats trying to enter your garden. You can cut it into several pieces and arrange them around the area to avoid animals.

Anti-Cat Network Roll Slim helps protect crops from Daim VietnamAnti-Cat Network Roll Slim helps protect crops from Daim Vietnam

If you've not found a location that offers the right equipment for growing the best gerbera flowerpots for your balcony, let's go to Daim and get the best products.

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