Techniques of growing and caring for Sapa ancient roses in pots


There are many different types and varieties of roses, such as red roses, white roses, Bulgarian roses, etc.  Among them, Sapa ancient roses stand out for their high value and require careful nurturing from the growers. 

So what specific characteristics do Sapa ancient roses have? Is this technique of caring for roses in pots difficult or not? Let's find out more about the above topics in the article below.

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Sapa ancient rose is a precious flower with high valueSapa ancient rose is a precious flower with high value


1. Facts about the Sapa ancient roses 
Sapa ancient roses are no longer as difficult to grow as they were; all you need to do is learn the proper techniques of caring for flowers and you can own a lovely flower pot with great economic value.

1.1. The origin of Sapa ancient roses
Sapa ancient roses have existed since the French colonial period when explorers from Europe brought a variety of their native roses to Vietnam to cultivate and nurture in the majestic mansions in Sapa. The techniques of caring for roses have advanced over time, and this flower variety is easily adapted to the environment and climate in Vietnam.

And nowadays, the Sapa ancient roses have earned their place among the most valuable rose varieties thanks to their aesthetic appeal, well-known, and great economic value.

Sapa ancient roses' origins of development and growthSapa ancient roses' origins of development and growth


1.2.  The characteristics of Sapa ancient roses
Sapa Ancient Rose is a shrub with a canopy diameter of 1 to 4 meters and an average height of 2 to 3 meters. It has dark brown, woody branches that are covered in cilia and spines, giving them a strangely rough appearance. The leaves are oval, serrated, and dark green. The flowers can survive hard conditions and are ideal for growing in cold climates. 

The Sapa ancient rose has big, full-shaped flowers with vibrant colors, and a size of 6 to 8 cm on average. The flower has many petals are arranged in an alternate pattern, facing the center. Each Sapa ancient rose has between 30 and 50 petals, and if techniques of caring for roses in pots, it can maintain its bloom for around two weeks.

2. The techniques of growing and caring for Sapa ancient roses in pots
If you want the flower to grow healthily and reach the best standard of flowering. You must pay attention to the following techniques of caring for Sapa ancient roses in pots:

Step 1: Choose the appropriate nutrient soil for the pot
Sandy, rich alluvial, fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6–8 is the best type of soil for Sapa ancient roses to grow in. More lime powder should be added to the soil to balance the pH if the soil has an acidic pH of less than 5.5. When growing the flowers, make the soil completely porous and remove the grasses.

Step 2: Schedule a routine of watering 
As for the techniques of caring for roses in pots, it's important to water them twice a day when there is no sunlight. If it is grown directly in the garden, you only need to water it once a day.
Pests can multiply and spread if the plant does not receive enough water and the right amount of moisture to thrive, which is harmful to the caring process.  The plant just requires a reasonable amount of water; overwatering will result in waterlogging and prone to death.

Step 3: Cut, design, and trim for appropriate flower forms 
You must use techniques of caring for roses in pots, such as frequent pruning, eliminating yellowed, damaged branches and leaves, and removing harmful pests, for the plant to maintain its optimum shape and let air circulate between the branches and flowers.

When growing Sapa roses, it's important to prune carefully after the flowers fade to avoid rosehips forming. If rosehips grow, nutrients are devoted to their growth rather than the development of new flower buds, causing the rose plant to wilt and lose its form. This is therefore considered a method to grow new flower buds.

Create and prune Sapa ancient roses to maintain beautiful formsCreate and prune Sapa ancient roses to maintain beautiful forms


Step 4: Fertilize flowers to help them grow
Fertilizing is one of the techniques of caring for roses in pots that should be noted. Approximately a week after planting flowers, the plant's roots have sprung new shoots. At this time, you should moderately fertilize the plants with the recommended amount to stimulate strong root growth.
After approximately a month, you can apply diluted nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, watering them evenly around the plant so that the soil is moist and the plants can gradually absorb the nutrients.

Step 5: Prevent Pests
Although Sapa ancient roses are flowers with strong disease resistance and few pests and illnesses, they are also vulnerable to thrips attack and wither in the hot season. To keep plants healthy and efficiently prevent pests, some biological treatments, like neem oil, and pesticides, which only need to be sprayed for 1-2 weeks periodically.

3. Some Daim’s products to grow Sapa ancient roses
To make the technique of caring for roses in pots as simple as possible, Daim is the leading supplier of reputable rose-growing materials in Vietnam. Some rose-growing materials are available, such as:

3.1. KD Obelisk
Instead of leaving the flowers to grow in a random direction while growing Sapa ancient roses, the KD Obelisk will be an ideal product for your garden. The product is simple to install and use, which makes it perfect for those who want to grow flowers in pots. To maintain the plant's solidity, insert a KD Obelisk at least 20cm into the ground.

High-quality KD Obelisk from Daim VietnamHigh-quality KD Obelisk from Daim Vietnam


3.2. Single square planter
Single square planters for growing Sapa ancient roses will be a great choice to meet the needs of growing flowers in the narrow space of modern apartments' balconies and to add a soothing green space to your home.

Single square planters with two colors are easy to use for growing plantsSingle square planters with two colors are easy to use for growing plants


With strong waterproofing abilities, drainage holes avoid waterlogging when it rains, do not fade over time, and are simple to clean, single square planters are perfect for busy people who want to take care of their plants.

Daim will be your companion with the most affordable prices if you're seeking a supplier with the suitable products to grow Sapa ancient roses.

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