Vegetables to grow in planters


Just as growing flowers indoors becomes a hobby for entertainment and relaxation, growing vegetables is one of the activities that bring positive energy.  Growing vegetables is considerably simpler and easier than growing flowers, which involves many techniques.

So what should you pay attention to when growing vegetables in square planters? And which vegetables are simple to grow at home? Let's check out the following article to get more information about this topic.

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Using planters to grow vegetables enhances the greenery in your homeUsing planters to grow vegetables enhances the greenery in your home


1. The benefits of growing vegetables in planters
Nowadays, growing indoor plants is a common activity for people to find entertainment and relaxation for their minds after hard times. Simply setting up one or two green planters on a balcony or empty space helps keep your home fresh.

Growing vegetables in planters have a lot of benefits, including Self-learning with practical information about different plants, limiting the constant use of electronic devices, boosting mental relaxation...
A great number of products are being created for easy home gardening as current technology develops. For example, growing and caring for vegetables is simple when using a square planter. The square planters are simple to assemble and drain, with the ideal size to move and place in various spots.

It is simple and easy to grow vegetables in plantersIt is simple and easy to grow vegetables in planters


2. Common vegetables to grow in planters
You can simply grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables in a square planter without having to worry too much about technique or the environment. Here are some vegetables you should consider growing in your garden.

2.1. Tomatoes
Tomato, also referred to as Solanum Lycopersicum. Because of their simplicity and convenience, this variety is a favorite variety of home gardeners. Tomatoes are adaptable and can be grown successfully in hanging baskets, planters, beds, and even upside down.
Growing tomatoes is also simple, you just need to keep in mind the following:

The plant often has yellow flowers that bloom on branches before fruiting. 

Easily growing tomatoes in a planter at homeEasily growing tomatoes in a planter at home


About the moisture: tomatoes require regular, moderate watering. Avoid soaking the soil too much to prevent waterlogging the plants.
You should choose light, nutrient-rich soil with just enough organic matter for tomatoes grown elegantly and productively in square planters.

2.2. Salad greens
You can start growing salad greens in a square planter as they are simple and quick to grow. The average time required for a salad green crop to thrive is 75 days. With other types such as Microgreen, it only takes 3 to 4 weeks for you to use.
For the healthiest plants to thrive when growing salad greens, you should keep the following in mind:

Since salad greens are plants that thrive in a temperate climate, you must take special care to protect them by keeping them out of direct sunlight and other extreme heat.
The roots of salad greens are rather shallow when they are growing, so you must water them frequently to maintain moisture.

2.3. Chilies
Chili, also referred to as Capsicum. There are many different types of chili plants, including celestial chili, hot peppers, common green peppers, yellow peppers, etc. All of those can grow in a square planter. The chili prefers sunlight for 6 to 8 hours every day. The more they expose to sunlight the more fruit yield of chili increases. Chili needs regular watering just like other plants.


2.4. Carrots
Carrots typically require more effort to grow in planters than other vegetables because of the need to reach several inches into the ground for long carrot varieties. But with Daim's square planter, it's entirely deep and wide enough to thrive carrots.

Carrots require planters that have the proper depth
Carrots require planters that have the proper depth


You should keep in mind the following factors for carrots to develop healthily and yield the finest tubers:
The carrot plant should spend more time outdoors in the shade than in the sun because it is a cool-climate plant.
Choose healthy soil that is rich in nutrients and air so that the carrot can thrive and grow roots deep in the ground.

2.5. Green onions
Green onions are the easiest plants to grow best in a square planter. Green onions are simple to grow and harvest; they need about 60 days to grow, and 120 days to reach full maturity. As green onions are light-loving plants, place them in a place that receives the most sunshine when you grow them. Also, remember to thoroughly water the plants.

3. Daim’s suitable products for growing vegetables
You can refer to some of the current product lines given by Daim below to help your garden thrives healthily and has the best growth conditions.

3.1. Single square planter
The product is suitable for small spaces, such as a small garden or an upstairs balcony. Simple, vibrant flowers can be grown in square planters with little effort to make a reasonable greenery space.

Japanese quality single square planter from Daim VietnamJapanese quality single square planter from Daim Vietnam


Single square planter is sized at Length 51 cm x Width 42.5 cm x Height 28.5 cm. It is waterproof, easy to disassemble for cleaning and features drainage holes to prevent it from getting waterlogged when it rains.


3.2. Double square planter
Double square planter will be the ideal product if the plants you grow require a larger square planter. with the same dimensions Length 51 cm x Width 42.5, the double square planter has a height of 46cm, twice higher than the single planter. It is best for growing plants with underground tuberous roots.

White double square planter is suitable for growing plants at homeWhite double square planter is suitable for growing plants at home


3.3. Stem Support Clip
Stem support clip is a necessary item for some climbing plants, such as tomato, cucumber, and pepper. The stem support clip has an easy-to-use design, making it simple to adjust up and down as the plant grows. Besides, the product has a stainless steel and plastic spring ring to increase durability and its life span. 

Stem support clip from Daim VietnamStem support clip from Daim Vietnam


If you haven't found a supplier of proper square planters for your small indoor garden, choose Daim as the most reputable location.


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